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Updates — 08 May 2023

Affise Reach introduces the invitation link

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  • Expand your publishers list effortlessly with the invitation link

Expand your publishers list effortlessly with the invitation link

Finding new publishers and managing them effectively are two main roadblocks advertisers encounter on their way to growing a business with partner marketing. To help advertisers pass through them, Affise Reach introduces a new invitation link feature. It allows you to increase a publisher base effortlessly and manage it easily.

Add publishers to your campaigns in several clicks

An invitation link is an easy way to expand a list of publishers an advertiser wishes to work with. This feature allows you to take the link from the Affise Reach interface, place it anywhere you want, and invite new affiliates to join your partner program. 

By default, publishers added to a program via an invitation URL are invisible to other advertisers and allowed to see the campaigns related to you only. However, if an affiliate decides to explore Affise Reach and join our marketplace, they will get access to other advertisers.

Enabling the invitation link at Affise Reach

Utilizing the invitation URL is easy; getting and sharing the link with potential affiliates takes seconds. To obtain your invitation link, open the ‘Publishers’ section and tap the ‘Invite to Reach’ button.

After clicking the button, you’ll see the pop-up window showing the invitation URL. Copy the link and place it on your website, landing page, social networks, or any other channel you use to promote your partner program. All publishers registered via an invitation link will be guided directly to your campaigns.

To help you track the effectiveness of your partner program promotion, we’ll mark the publishers registered via the invitation URL with the label ‘Your referral.’ Advertisers can filter publishers by that label to see the complete list.

To expand the overall publisher database in Affise Reach, we let the invitees join our marketplace. After it, they can be discovered by other advertisers and see their campaigns. However, this wouldn’t affect your offers promotion efficiency; 42% of affiliates worldwide work with 1-10 partner programs simultaneously and deliver the desired results to their advertisers.

To Conclude

The invitation link feature allows you to expand your publisher base while saving your time and streamlining partner management. The URL is generated automatically, takes several seconds to obtain, and can be shared anywhere across the web. 

All publishers invited via link are stored in one place. To make partner management even more convenient, we marked affiliates with a specific label that you can use to filter the list of partners.

Want to expand your partner list easily? Start using the invitation link feature in Affise Reach or connect with our team to join the platform.

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