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Updates — 08 May 2023

Affise introduces Events report

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  • Get more insights into your campaigns’ performance using the Events report

Get more insights into your campaigns’ performance using the Events report

Nowadays, marketers have learned numerous ways of data tracking. Knowing how your audience interacts with your product/service or its separate elements is crucial. It will help you optimize your users’ experience and improve campaign performance. 

Let’s say you’re promoting a casino’s offer. You’ll probably need to analyze the users’ performance to understand who brings more money than others, who leaves right after registration, how many registrations result in deposits or wins, or simply what specific user’s performance is within different casinos. 

Event tracking is one of the most popular ways of getting more data and making more accurate decisions. You would be surprised how many promising campaigns could be saved by knowing the user’s journey!

In this regard, Affise Performance keeps providing more data analytics opportunities and introduces a new ‘Events’ statistics report.

What is the ‘Events’ report?

The ‘Events’ report is a statistics report which can help you:

  • get a full picture of your audience’s behavior within your product or service;
  • analyze users’ performance by tracking their journey;
  • create high-performing campaigns;
  • improve your marketing performance.

How can I start using the ‘Events’ report?

To use the report on events, follow several easy steps:

1.Navigate to the ‘Statistics’ section in your Admin panel and find the ‘Events’ statistics slice:

2. Select the Offers or Advertisers you want to create a report for.

3. Once the Offers or Advertisers are selected, you can also apply additional filters to your report. For instance, you can create a report based on the specific field: Advertiser, Offer, Affiliate, sub-accounts, or custom fields.

4. When required and additional filters are applied, you will see the statistics table with the data grouped by the field selected within the ‘Based on’ filter and events found by the system in the chosen Offers or Advertisers. Let’s take the statistics table below:

The report is based on ‘Affiliate’, so now we can view how many conversions of the displayed Affiliate have resulted in specific  events: Payment, First Purchase, Registration, and Invitation. Also, we can see how many conversions and revenue each event has brought.

Can I share the ‘Events’ report with my affiliates?

The simple answer is yes. The ‘Events’ report is available for your affiliates in their Affiliate’s panel within the Statistics section:

However, you might not want to share some specific data you receive from your Advertiser via custom_fields within your postback URL. In this case you can restrict your affiliates from viewing this sensitive data. Just disable the ‘Show custom fields at the Events statistics report’ setting at the Affiliate’s general settings of your Admin panel (Settings -> Affiliates -> General):

To sum it up

Use the ‘Events’ statistics report if you strive to have an absolutely new level of insight into your audience’s behavior. Any event can be a revenue-impacting action. Understanding these events will help you improve your campaign’s performance and make users do what you want them to do. Just build your event report in a way you see and understand it and make the right decisions.

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