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Updates — 08 May 2023

CPC and CPM:
New Payment Types at Affise

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How to Run CPC and CPM Campaigns at Affise

Innovation has always been one of Affise’s main values. We adhere to this principle in everything: while creating a cutting-edge product, providing great customer service and establishing a fair pricing policy. With regard to the latter, Affise was the first company in the market that did not charge for clicks, but developed a pricing strategy based on conversions. In this regard, Affise became an industry game changer.

And this approach has been implemented in the product itself. Such pricing models, as CPI, CPA, CPS, were the main payment types used on the platform. However, we are heeding all customer requests including those related to the payment system extension. Thus, we are pleased to announce that Affise users can take advantage of CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) campaigns.

CPC and CPM campaigns at Affise

The setup is very easy and does not require you to learn how to use a new tool. For your convenience, we have improved the existing Payouts section in the offer with one subtle feature. Namely, CPC and CPM can be selected in the ‘Payment type’ field:

Hybrid payout solution

If you are an agency and get commission from an advertiser based on one metric, but you pay your affiliates for another metric, you can easily combine two payment types in one campaign.

For example, an agency gets money from an advertiser for impressions, but they pay affiliates for conversions. In this case a user should create 2 rules (2 payouts):

  1. Select ‘CPM’, input the value into the ‘Total’ field, leave the ‘Payout’ field empty.
  2. Create a new rule, select CPA, leave the ‘Total’ field empty,  input the value into the Payout field.

Clicks vs. Hosts

As Affise’s payment system is very flexible, our customers can choose if they want to pay and be paid for all clicks or unique clicks only, while running CPC campaigns.

Changes in Statistics reports

After activating the CPC and CPM option, you will see new columns in the table: revenue for clicks and revenue for impressions. The ‘Total’ section will include the money for all metrics (clicks, impressions, conversions).

To manage the visibility of these columns or add CPC and CPM ratios, use our additional instruments: a widget for calculations and settings.

Statistics in Affiliate panel

Your affiliates will see all necessary data on CPC and CPM campaigns in their account correspondingly.

Choose the right solution for your CPC, CPM and CPA campaigns

Undoubtedly, the payment model you choose for your advertising strategy does matter. Therefore, it is important to find a robust solution that will help you put this strategy into practice. Affise enables you to achieve your strategic business objectives by providing the first-class instruments to manage your CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, and CPS campaigns.

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