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Announcing CPAPI Updates

As we are eager to provide our clients with the cutting-edge solutions for steady business growth and effortless experience with using our features, we are so excited to announce our big CPAPI update, with more informative and intuitive interface.

What is CPAPI

CPAPI turns the process of pulling offers into a simple and easy one. You don’t need to do lots of mechanical and routine work transferring offers manually, as CPAPI does it automatically. Just in a few clicks all the data, partners and systems can be united, synchronized and unified. Fast and scalable system allows you to unify all the data immediately, create an in-house data warehouse and generate business intelligence easily.

What’s new?

Visual graphics, new features, allowing to get maximum details about each source and offer, a bunch of settings and an easy search through 80+ available sources! Just check out the recent updates we’ve prepared for your smooth operation.

Updates in Demand Source section

Start with finding your best performing advertising sources. More than 80 biggest advertisers are already added into our system, and thanks to CPAPI you can leverage a smooth integration with them within just few clicks:

sources cpapi

Choose the source and add API credentials within the seconds. We take care of our customers, and make sure to add the mostly recommended macros to use for successful integration:

tracking params
Check the source data without going to edit section. Tap on View button after creating the source, and get the detailed information about the number of synchronized offers per last hour, Top Geos in offers targeting and all basic information about source settings.

view demand source

Check the feature your technical team will evaluate among the hottest. Use Make API Call button if you want to check the response from your advertiser feed:

Make api call

Updates in Demand offers section

Want to find out why the offers were not set into your Affise account? We provide a transparent and clear explanation of such mistakes:

offer errors

Updates in Campaigns section

New campaign View page is available. It contains not only data about the campaign settings, but lots of necessary information about the last update, the number of offers that were set to Affise, all chosen settings and a List of offers that were synced and created at your Affise account. Go to View button and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the list of offers and their current status:

campaign dataNow, it’s your turn! Try CPAPI now and make your experience even better with the improvements done. But this is not the end – we will do our best to make it even better and convenient for you. Till next time. Stay Affised!

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