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Updates — 08 May 2023

Affise Top Features - December

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Affise Top Features Released in December

We’ve worked hard to add new features to the Affise platform that will help you be more productive and increase the ROI of your campaigns. This monthly cycle of releases introduces several features:


  • View-through attribution model;
  • Advertisers self-registration;
  •  Upgraded Smartlinks;
  •  Threshold to avoid clicks duplicity;
  •  Conversions statuses in the affiliate balance.

Please find  more information about November releases below.

View-through attribution model

Using Affise, you can now track impressions ID and how they affect conversion. In this way, you can measure the impact display ads have on conversions and create insights to make data-driven decisions.

Click-through attribution is still the most widely used conversion attribution model for online advertising, but the best advertisers do not rely exclusively on it. Instead, they are looking for a more comprehensive approach to analyzing user behavior before completing the targeted action. Impression tracking, also known as view-through attribution, acts as a powerful indicator that allows advertisers to measure ads performance accurately. To know more, check the link here.

Advertisers self-registration

Save time and increase productivity by allowing advertisers to register to your network by themselves.

By using Affise, a network or  an agency doesn’t have to register advertisers within the Affise system manually as they can easily do it by themselves. A user can enable advertiser’s registration at the Settings level ( ‘Advertisers’ block). Once the advertiser’s registration is enabled, advertisers can fill in the dedicated registration form using the Admin panel and join the network. This is one more way for our users to save time and automate routine tasks. To know more, check the link here.

Upgraded Smartlinks

Get up to five times higher conversion rate and up to twice higher EPC using our upgraded Smartlinks. 

Affise has been working on a new Smartlink algorithm, which is much smarter and more flexible. It allows users to embed all Smartlink offers into traffic distribution and select the offer according to more precise criteria and calculations. To know more, check the link here.

Threshold to avoid clicks duplicity

Enhance campaign results and prevent  click spamming by leveraging a threshold to avoid click duplicity. This setting allows users to set up unique tracking links redirects and decide on how many occasions a user can click on a tracking link and get sent further to the offers. Once this threshold is reached, the user will be sent to the Trafficback URL.

This setting limits duplicity at the offer’s level and helps advertisers that require unique users access. The feature is available for all custom clients via the dedicated feature toggle. To know more, check the link here.

Conversions statuses in affiliate balance

Automate your business flow and save time on day-to-day activities by using the advanced management of affiliates’ balances.

This setting allows users to select which conversion’s statuses to count within the affiliate’s balance. As a result, now we provide our clients with a flexible setting to manage and control the statistics and balance calculations for their affiliates independently. To know more, check the link here.

This is just a little part of features Affise offers to automate your daily work routines and improve your marketing performance. Experience all our platform possibilities in practice – start a free trial.

Your company is searching for a full technology stack to drive affiliate business?

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