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Updates — 08 May 2023

Save Time with Affiliate Domains Auto Setup

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  • Affise Introduces the Affiliate Domains Auto Setup Feature

Affise Introduces the Affiliate Domains Auto Setup Feature

Affise enables advertisers and affiliate managers  to set up tracking domains directly within their Affise account. It speeds up the tracking domains setup significantly since all the actions  are made by our system on the backend in a matter of minutes. It can be crucial in cases when the certificate is about to expire, and you don’t want to lose traffic due to the domain not being updated on time.

Affiliate tracking domains auto setup is another long-awaited feature we are happy to introduce to our customers. It expands the admin domain setup functionality and allows your affiliates to add their own tracking domains.

What is affiliate domains auto setup?

Affiliate domains auto setup enables affiliates to add their own tracking domains without your assistance. All that is needed from your side is to approve or deny the request for the domain. The rest of the setup is done on the Affise backend automatically.

What makes affiliate domains auto setup so useful?

Affiliate domains auto setup feature was requested by our customers, as it can benefit the campaigns in many ways:

  • it saves time that you otherwise would spend setting up domains for affiliates yourself; 
  • it eliminates human errors as the setup automated process is fully automated;
  • It gives your affiliates the ownership of the domain, so no one else can use it.

How to start with affiliate domains auto setup in Affise?

Your affiliates can start using the feature today since it is already included in all Affise plans. All you need to do is to notify your affiliates that they can set up their tracking domains and provide them with the instructions.

The process goes like this:

  1. Your affiliate goes to “Profile,” chooses the “Tracking domains” tab, and clicks “Add new domain”:

2. The affiliate fills in the details and uploads the certificate (if required):

3. You will get the notification when the affiliate adds the domain and could  approve or deny the requests:

4. After the domain is approved or rejected, it will be moved to the “Affiliates domains” tab:

5. The affiliate will get a notification when the status of the domain changes to approved or rejected by the manager. At this stage, your affiliate can edit the submitted domain if needed.

Is this a paid feature?

Affiliate domains setup is a free feature available on every Affise plan. Please, note that each approved affiliate tracking domain will be counted towards your domain limit.

If you want to increase your domain limit, feel free to reach your dedicated customer success manager to purchase additional tracking domain bundles.

To sum up

Affiliate domain auto setup is a necessary feature that multiple customers requested. It allows you to save time both for you and your partners on domain setup and makes custom tracking domains setup very flexible.

Introduce the domain auto setup feature to your affiliates and save time.

Not an Affise user yet? Start your free trial today.

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