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Updates — 08 May 2023

Affise Direct Tracking

Affise Releases Direct Tracking

Prepare for the Cookieless World with Affise Direct Tracking

It’s impossible but notice annoyingly big website captions saying something like “We use cookies to make your experience better. Click for more information”. If you dare to click “more information”, a sheet describing some terms and conditions is opened to you. Immediately getting bored, you just click “No, thanks” and continue checking the stuff you’ve surfed the site for.

Although users mostly do not care about the essence of cookies, these data pieces are rather important in user’s identification. For instance, they help recognize the user if he searched for a desirable page and accidentally closed it. Then not to make the user log in again, the text files saved in the user’s browser will inform the website, and the wanted page is immediately opened for him. 

The user’s identification is not of a spy-movie kind. Cookies help suggest users products they’re interested in, making the internet experience easier and more comfortable. That is the reason marketers are so interested in them. In this article, we’ll find out about the solution Affise created to preserve both users’ and marketers’ interests.

Ordinary Cookies Tracking

Not all cookies are equally harmless and valuable for a user’s on-site experience. First-party cookies are safer as they are created immediately by the primary website’s domain, the one a user visits directly. The third-party cookies are the ones that other websites linked to the primary website generate. 

Here Affise’s pixels can be mentioned as well, as when we run the integration like:

Ad/Banner → Offer’s Success page → Tracking Platform

There’s a specific script placed in the offer’s success page code, which sets a third-party cookie with the required for conversions’ generation click id.

The problem with third-party cookies is that they can be misused in excessive tracking of the user’s website history. Moreover, extracting some personal data may sometimes result even in the user’s ban at websites.

Privacy is Above All

Considering the tender spot of third-party cookies, tech leaders, such as Apple, Facebook, and Google, have been running different solutions to fight the misuse of personal data. Chrome 80, IOS 14, and other services are announcing their phasing out of third-party cookies. Even though the timing for this has been shifted to 2023, it’s high time to acknowledge that the users’ privacy is getting dominant.

How Does Affise Adjust to the Cookieless Era?

Affise supports the idea of privacy value. Still, eliminating third-party cookies is rather painful for those who rely on the user’s data received with the cookies’ help: language settings, filled-in text fields, login information, or the final order items. Affise meets new changes in the digital realm with dignity as it’s always been when introducing Probabilistic attribution,  SKADNetwork integration, and, of course, Server Parallel Tracking. We’re glad to inform our customers: Affise Direct Tracking is the feature to adjust to the third-party cookieless future, and here are two scenarios for your attention.

Scenario #1:

While familiar to the Affise customer C2S integration with the placement of the Affise’s pixel to the success page, a specific pixel is also added to the final landing page. Mind, please, the domains of both landing and success pages should be the same. And of course, remember adding {click id} to the main advert’s tracking URL. This way is totally compliant with not supporting third-party cookies and will track conversions properly.

Scenario #2:

Again, a familiar to the Affise customer C2S integration with the placement of the Affise’s pixel to the success page with a specific pixel added to the final landing page. Still, there’s no Affise tracking URL involved. It makes this funnel amiable to the absence of third-party cookies and increases the user’s journey speed. The only integration peculiarity in this case is to place &pid=Affiliate_ID to the advert’s landing page.

Instead of Conclusion

It’s impossible to imagine what other challenges will arise in the affiliate marketing world. Still, Affise does its best to provide you with timely and effective solutions to overcome these challenges. 

Affise Direct Tracking is available for all plans. If you want to learn more about this feature or ask any questions regarding the setup, please, contact your Customer Success manager.

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