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Updates — 08 May 2023

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  • Affise Releases Custom Dashboards: Breakthrough in Decision-Making

Affise Releases Custom Dashboards: Breakthrough in Decision-Making

For Affise this year is marked by a significant mission to solve critical problems that fall under the three pillars of the Affiliate Marketing industry: in-depth and predictive analytics, the speed of decision-making and automation of all operational aspects. We are convinced that analytics is based, to a greater extent, on data visualization which, in turn, directly affects and boosts strategic planning.

For our part, we have committed ourselves to completely change the approach to the visualization with regard to all tabs and platform sections, making it simple and unique for each user. The first breakthrough, we’ve achieved in this direction, has come with state-of-the-art Custom Dashboards.

Affise Releases Custom Dashboards: Breakthrough in Decision-Making

Personal Approach

From now on affiliate managers and account managers will no longer overburden each other with extraneous information, everybody can choose metrics and individual reports that really matter.

Immeasurable opportunities

It’s high time to transform the routine work with numbers into the visual journey through the performance with the new interactive dashboards, owing to which Affise’s customers can:

Widgets you can use

Custom widgets

Different widgets allow to group and illustrate the data in accordance with different analysis purposes, such as: comparison, distribution, correlation, structure presentation.

Affise Releases Custom Dashboards: Breakthrough in Decision-Making

Affise Releases Custom Dashboards: Breakthrough in Decision-Making



Pasted image at PM


Classic widgets

There are twelve default widgets that collect information from different sections of your Affise panel:

Create your intuitive dashboard

To build your dashboard click on Create, add Dashboard Name, and then click on Widget. Select the type of widget you want to add, choose the necessary data and filters, and your widget is ready!


Follow best practices

When designing your individual widgets, combining them into different sets or selecting from default options you should not be afraid of losing anything – all the templates are at your fingerprints in the dropdown menu. Create, compare and choose what works best for you.

Access to Dashboards

Users with admin role have access to dashboards by default. For other roles Dashboard checkbox in the settings of user should be ticked. While creating, you can decide whether your dashboard will be private or available for all.

Now you can fully enjoy the journey through graphic visualizations of your achievements!

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