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Affise CR optimization tool – CRucial step to full automation

In the field of digital marketing it is always a challenge to automate various aspects of work, especially those falling within relationships with people. Marketers spend plenty of time on running reports, analyzing and comparing data, contacting affiliates, negotiating with them and, in case of bad performance indicators and failed talks, disabling them from offers.

Following the 2019 Affise’s mission to automate as many processes in affiliate marketing as possible, we gladly introduce a new CR and sub-accounts optimization tool that filters traffic according to the performance of affiliates and traffic sources. With more automation features to come shortly, the released CR optimization tool will become the initial step towards prompt data analysis and will help to automatically block affiliates or traffic sources which fall short of the target rate.

A metric you can rely on

CR is one of the most significant and illustrative metrics for marketers. Its simple formula shows a clear picture about the performance of affiliates and traffic sources: low CR level may be an indication of the poor quality traffic, high CR, in turn, may be a result of fraudulent activities.

In general, advertisers establish both conditions under which agencies must not fall outside the scope. What is more, the number can change fast and you should always be ready to act decisively and quickly. In case of a great amount of offers to keep control over CR becomes all the more difficult. But now it is fair to say that CR control challenge left behind and we can talk about it in the past tense.

Overview of CR & sub-accounts optimization at Affise

The procedure of optimization includes four stages:

How to enable a new feature?

CR & sub accounts optimisation tool constitutes a separate page in Automation section, which is available on Enterprise and Custom plans. The page is divided into three tabs: Rules, Change log and Block log.


The page contains a set of conditions which Affise’s customer assigns in accordance with the expected result.



  1. Advertiser is a required field. Multiple advertisers can be chosen.
  2. Offer is an optional field. Multiple offers can be chosen. Note: If no offer is chosen, the rule will be applied for all the offers of the selected Advertiser(-s).
  3. Filters stand for the frequency of optimization sessions.
  4. Conversion threshold is a required field. It is a minimum number of conversions that starts the process of optimization.
  5. Schema stands for the objects of optimization. There are 2 conditions: by affiliate, by affiliate and sub2. Multiple affiliates can be chosen.
  6. CR Thresholds regulate CR in percentage terms. Min CR % is a required field.
  7. Notify affiliate is an optional field. It is designed in order for the affiliates to be aware of blocking.

Change log

The log contains a list of records on rules updates with detailed information.


Block log

The page provides a detailed report on blocking actions.


If you require any further information on CR & sub-accounts optimization – feel free to contact support@affise.com or ask your account manager.

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