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Updates — 08 May 2023

Billing API: your solution for better payment operations

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  • Affise launches Billing API to advance your payment processes

Affise launches Billing API to advance your payment processes

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Nowadays, many companies are searching for different ways of unleashing their potential, as well as new opportunities to accelerate their growth and achieve desired business goals. To help them out, Affise Performance introduces a new Affiliates Billing API. This solution allows automated billing-related operations and a wide range of payment integrations, which helps to streamline routine activities.

What is the Affiliates Billing API?

Let’s start with the easy one: APIs are sets of programming standards and functions that let applications access data and interact with external systems. Many companies adopt APIs for a tremendous benefit to their businesses.  

Affise Affiliates Billing API lets Affise Performance users efficiently manage an Affiliates Billing system. The main aim of the Billing API’s functionality is to automate all the billing-related tasks that used to be done manually.

With Affiliates Billing API, you can automate the following operations:

  • Getting a list of affiliates billing invoices; 
  • Applying filters to the list of your affiliates’ invoices, e.g., getting invoices for specific affiliates or within a certain timeframe; 
  • Accessing all the invoices’ details, such as status, sum, affiliates’ information, creation date, number of conversions, etc.; 
  • Invoices creation; 
  • Invoices’ details update, e.g., status or sum correction. 
  • Invoices deletion.

What are the main advantages of using Billing API?

Beyond any reasonable doubt, API simplifies and speeds up the management of routine processes. Let’s highlight the core advantages of using Billing API in Affise Performance:

1. Easy launch of integrations

Billings API methods let you access more opportunities to set up different payment-related integrations. All integrations are done in a quick, practical, and easy way.

2. Daily processes optimization

Applying various API methods allows you to save a lot of time on your daily routines. All the methods within Affise public API cover each operation that is usually done manually. So, instead of creating or updating invoices one by one, you can fully automate this process and save your time for more valuable tasks.

3. Speed and accuracy

Performing daily operations involved in invoices management can lead to many errors and inaccuracies. This can generate lots of problems and disputes with your affiliates. So, it’s pretty reasonable to believe that reducing the number of manual activities will also result in fewer errors in operations.

Who can use Affiliates billing API?

Affiliates Billing API is available for all clients on Scale and Custom pricing plans. Any platform manager who has access to Affiliates Billing System can benefit from this functionality.

How to start with Affiliates Billing API?

You can find all guides for gathering the data (API GET) and updating specific data pieces (API POST) within Affise public API documentation. Follow the link to get straight to the Billing API section.

All the mentioned methods allow you to automate Affiliates Billing system workflows, send the list of invoices to your in-house solutions, or get integrated with some third-party payment service.

Streamline your billing-related processes with Affise Billing API

Billing API can provide a user with a wide range of advantages, such as process optimization, facilitated integrations, reduction of errors, and much more. What makes Billing API functionality so valuable is its connectivity: you are free to enable different systems and platforms, connect and share data, and perform other functions.

With Affiliates Billing API, you can use business opportunities that could not be achieved before. It will help your company grow, broaden your options for new integrations, and eliminate the expensive and time-intensive inefficiencies that dent your brand reputation.

Start benefiting from Affise Billing API today – contact your customer success manager.

Not an Affise user yet? Not a problem. Contact us, and we will assist with opening you a trial.

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