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Updates — 08 May 2023

Affise BI & AppsFlyer:
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  • Improvements of Affise BI Report Based on AppsFlyer’s Data

Improvements of Affise BI Report Based on AppsFlyer’s Data

Not so long ago, we introduced the new integration with AppsFlyer within the project Affise Business Intelligence, whereby we provided our customers with the tool to collect data from various sources and analyze it in one place. Since then, we have transferred a big amount of data from Appsflyer to Affise:

Furthermore, we have talked to our customers, listened to their needs, collected their feedback and finally released the most requested improvements. And we are now thrilled to share them with everyone!

Who Will Benefit from Affise’s Report Based on AppsFlyer’s Data?

You must give it a go, if you are registered as an agency in AppsFlyer and you are one of those, who want to:

  • Have 1 unified customizable dashboard for all applications;
  • Get data on publishers that send traffic to an application directly without using 3rd party tracking links;
  • See and analyse data from all sources in one place;
  • Save time on switching between data sources.

Dig Deeper into the Data with the Latest Improvements

     1. New slice: Adset.

For our customers to carry out in-depth data analysis, we added one more slice ‘Adset’, an intermediate level in hierarchy between Campaign and Ad.

    2.  Drilldown reports.

This feature allows our customers to zoom in to more detailed data within one table without leaving the page. 

The best example is a case when a user needs to see data on media sources, related campaigns and ad sets. Affise’s drill down feature will show all media sources, campaigns, ad sets and corresponding data, like clicks, impressions, installs, events and many more, on one page. 

     3. Custom Columns based on your formulae. 

Add all important KPI’s, such as, CTR, CTI, CVR, etc. and measure the success of your marketing strategy across all applications and mobile advertisers.

     4. Flexible layout and visibility.

It is up to you to decide what data should be shown and in what order. Avoid data overwhelm, focus on what is important now.

      5. Shared reports.

Do you need to share data with your partners immediately? Generate a link and send it in a few seconds.

      6. Export.

Download aggregated data for internal or external use.

Today, as never before, we have loads of data. Only we, our knowledge, and the tools we use will determine whether we will gain an advantage from this data. It is genuinely beneficial for businesses to base every single solution on the data and not on the gut feeling or overconfidence of one who has been in the industry for quite a while. But despite its power, some data can be hard to analyze, especially if you use several analytics tools, monitor and collate results in several dashboards.

We want you to get the most out of your data. That’s why we keep developing solutions that streamline data analysis processes, minimize extra actions, save the trouble of shifting between several dashboards.

Without any further delay, we suggest you feel your way through the new reports. Go and test everything yourself. We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

If you are new to Affise and have additional questions regarding analytics or the Affise platform in general, let us know a bit about your business and which solutions you are looking for. Whether it is technical or business guidance, we will see how we can help.

Your company is searching for a full technology stack to drive affiliate business?

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