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Updates — 08 May 2023

Power of Design in Your Partnerships Program

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  • New Design of Affiliate Panel: Delivering a Great User Experience

New Design of Affiliate Panel: Delivering a Great User Experience

In 2020, we focus on aesthetic and functional design for our customers to make the best use of Affise platform. We conducted data-driven investigation, talked to users, learnt from them with the main objective to deliver incredible user experience.

While improving the user interface of the admin panel, we also worked on the panel for affiliates by looking for a balance between the vast number of innovative and functional tools and the ease of use. We know how important the brand is for business communications and how important it is to provide affiliates with a convenient tool. Furthermore, an equally important goal was to ensure a consistent user experience across old and new versions of design.

What’s New?


  • Switch between vertical and horizontal menu. Try both and choose the one that suits you.
  • User-friendly mobile version allows your partners to always be in touch.
  • Brand-new visualization gives your account more than just a trendy, but also a clear and balanced layout.

Dark vs. Light

To be fair, this is one of our favourite features. Just toggling between light and dark modes is enjoyable. But beyond that, the true worth of adding two modes is to enhance interaction between Affise’s customers and their affiliates by making the affiliate panel more accessible.

*Dark mode is available for Custom plan

The two modes have their perks. For example, Dark mode saves battery, while Light mode provides more scope for diversifying design.

Why Custom Design Matters

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.
Paul Rand

A strong and recognizable brand is what stands behind successful companies. Design is a visual reflection of brand identity. A unique design, in its turn, is a powerful tool that attracts new customers and business partners and also creates a community of loyal users.

We would recommend custom design to those current and potential Affise’s clients who can find at least one of their company goals on the list below:

  • Stand out in a crowded market
  • Gain lasting trust and loyalty in your customers and partners
  • Expand the market by building an effective referral program

The innovative technologies our brand-new affiliate panel is built on allow Affise’s customers to have unlimited creative freedom while implementing custom design with outstanding style.

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