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News — 24 Jun 2022


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Affise shortlisted for IPMA 2021

The news we are about to present doesn’t require a long entry. Thus, without any further delay, we are excited to announce that Affise was shortlisted for the International Performance Marketing Awards 2021 in two categories:  Best Performance Marketing Technology and Best SaaS Platform. 

The IPMA spotlights and awards the most distinctive performance marketing campaigns and honors businesses ’ innovation, creativity, and success. The shortlisted companies are selected by the judging panel of the industry experts upon the examination of the year reports and key research materials provided by companies. However, the final winner is determined by public vote

The final results will be announced on the 18th of October, and we can’t wait for that! Though at the same time, we count on your support. We would be extremely grateful if you decide to vote for Affise.

Why Vote for Affise?

Affise successfully automates and provides the ability to scale strategic partner relations for brands, advertisers and agencies via all possible performance marketing channels. The synergy of technology and the long standing experience allows Affise’s clients to make partnerships manageable and revenue predictable marketing channels. We always stay on the edge to develop new solutions to emerging needs of advertisement business.

Here are a few Reasons why Companies Choose us:

Performance predictability


Customizable statistics

Affise provides a fully transparent pricing policy that ensures total budget control and performance predictability.

Being AI-driven, Affise significantly improves the quality of work and saves you a lot of time by automating the biggest part of manual work.

Affise provides an accurate picture of the entire performance through real-time reporting with 50+ data breakdowns.

User management

Feature-rich API

Automated offer transfer

All affiliates and partners under one roof for performance monitoring, easy communication and data access control with team members roles.

Affise’s feature-rich API ensures that any custom integrations will not be an issue. Thus, it helps to build custom solutions on top of the core technology.

Affise developed CPAPI, the first data transfer tool on the market that seamlessly connects sources of recommendations and recipient systems, ensuring a quick start in working with new offers.

Our Awards and Recognition

The efforts Affise made in product development is not just a word. Our contribution to partner marketing is backed up with customer case studies and industry awards. Among the recent ones we have been awarded with Great User Experience from SoftwareSuggest Awards 2020, Leader for Affiliate, and Digital Marketing from G2 Winter 2021 Report, Best Customer Success Service from ChurnHero Awards, etc.

How to Vote?

As we have already mentioned, the winner will be determined by the public vote. Your vote can bring us there. This year voters will need to be pre-approved and fully identifiable, that’s why we kindly ask you to register to make a vote count. A voter’s eligibility email may take up to 24 hours to receive after registering.

Vote for Affise!

Your company is searching for a full technology stack to drive affiliate business?

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