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News — 29 Jun 2022

Affise Wins SoftwareSuggest Awards 2020

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Affise Among the Winners of SoftwareSuggest Awards 2020

Winners of the SoftwareSuggest Award 2020 are officially announced. And we are thrilled to be among the winners for the third year in a row being recognized for “Great User Experience” and “User Recommended Software.”

SoftwareSuggest Award is a stamp of approval awarded to software providers by SoftwareSuggest, one of the biggest independent tech review platforms. Previously Affise was recognized as the “Customer’s Choice” by Software Suggest in 2018 and for the first time for the Great User Experience in 2019.

Being recognized for the second time is proof that we don’t just stop there, once being awarded. Still, we keep up with further development, user behavior analysis, and customers need research to meet the clients’ expectations and stay flexible for their future requests. 

founders oooo
Stanislau Litvinau, CEO

“In the end it’s not only about our growth, but it’s also about the growth of our clients. Our aim is to provide them with the technology that will grow their business by the most cost-effective marketing means. Our clients grow; hence, we grow together”.

Thus, we would like to use this opportunity to express profound gratitude to our customers and partners, who choose to work with Affise and trust us with growing their business. We continuously work on delivering new features that address users’ unique needs once your business expands. 

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve all this without creating a robust, highly-customizable platform with advanced targeting. On a special note, we always single out our support service because the affiliate industry is not an easy one. Once technologies step in, you need to get properly acquainted with them.

1000+ customers from all over the world choose Affise to grow their affiliate business with Affise. And here is why:


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    Customer and Tech Support Service 

We don’t stop receiving gratitude for immediate replies to requests for information and prompt assistance with support tasks and new integrations. And we are very proud to reach the quality of service when users say: “Affise has the best-in-industry support service”.

97% is the average Customer Satisfaction Rate among Affise users

From the very beginning, we do our best to showcase the platform functional and pay users special attention to the sections they will work with the most. During a 30-day free trial, Affise provides full onboarding with unlimited free training sessions, helps to set up integrations with advertisers and publishers. If users migrate from another platform, we also make sure that the whole process will run smoothly.

After a trial period, each client at Affise gets a dedicated Customer Success manager, who helps with overall operating and business advice on how to perform better. Besides, all the clients can always approach the Tech Support team with any questions and requests. Tech Support is available 24/7, both via live chat and email support.

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    Highly – customizable platform

It’s hard to stand out of the crowd, right? And by the crowd, we mean competitors that each of us has nowadays. While, in fact, Affise allows you to become recognizable among others! You can entirely reflect your company identity through the corporate design, logo, color scheme, icons, and any needed layout within the platform. Every slice is customizable.

But customization of the platform is not limited solely to the page design. It goes beyond where you can configure and customize system settings to match your organization’s existing processes. Further, you can even introduce any needed custom integrations to the platform. In other words, working on Affise allows you to “assemble your own platform” that meets all your expectations.

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    Statistics Design & Configurable Dashboards 

We prefer not to overburden affiliate managers with high volumes of information that they don’t always need. Instead, we allow users to choose metrics and form individual reports that matter for their goals. We implemented the statistics design to transform the way you work on the platform and focus on the most significant indicators. 

Among other things, Affise users can break down the statistics by various parameters, arrange it by order of importance, and get rid of unrelated data. With the help of the dedicated calculator widget, users can apply formulas, create new metrics and indicators, reorganize default columns, and create new ones. 


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    Advanced Targeting

One of our platform’s core pillars is to connect marketers with their target audience; thus, at Affise, we are continually looking for ways to improve targeting capabilities. The more targeting options are available at the affiliate platform, the more accurately you can target and reach the right audiences. 

Apart from basic targeting settings, we also offer advanced, where you can set up sub1-8, regions, cities, and IP targeting. You can improve the effectiveness of traffic management within your network by applying different targeting settings on general and personal levels. The additional tracking link feature allows you to define different tracking URLs for different targeting groups and drive traffic depending on GEO, OS, and other targeting parameters to these tracking URLs.

1000+ customers from all over the world grew their business with Affise!

Want to experience how? Start with Affise for free and see why!

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