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Who Rock the World? Affise Girls!

Gone are those days when affiliate marketing was considered to be the men-only industry. Lots of amazing women are now standing shoulder to shoulder to make affiliate marketing a better and stronger industry. And they do it with their charm, care and inherent capability to make it in the most elegant way. And Affise is no exception!

Interesting fact, that despite we work in a high-tech company, 38% of employees are girls, or how we call them “Wonder Women”, and this number is constantly growing. Some of them are even in charge of the whole departments!

In anticipation of the International Women’s Day we prepared this article where we would like to introduce Affise Wonder Women and tell about their professional background and achievements.

Business Development & Sales Department

Business Development managers are the frontline of our company. You know, standing up for our clients and protecting their business is a big deal! But we got a secret weapon for that – our gorgeous BizDev and Sales women.


Irina Kurtsevich, Global Business Development

“Before Affise I was working in game entertainment industry for almost two years, in eSports. That was pretty fun for sure, but then I met Affise team. New challenges and projects they offered inspired me a lot, so less than in no time I became a part of this team. Now I understand that my choice was right. I do enjoy my work here. From day to day I make people who are engaged in performance marketing a bit happier. Every day I meet different people from all over the world, so I have an opportunity to improve my professional skills, as well as discover a great variety of customs, traditions and points of view of different nations”.


“Starting a career at Affise was one of the best career-wise decisions in my life. I joined Affise team with 3 years of working experience at the hotel industry under my belt. I am an unbelievably client-oriented person who has always thought that to establish trustful business relations with people is the best job in the world! Well, I haven’t changed my mind even slightly.  Till now I remain convinced in the importance of being fair with clients from the very start as well as providing them will all needed information for decision-making. It always better to over-communicate, rather miss some information and thus create a case of misunderstanding.

In such a way I aim to share the best experience for Affise clients. I want our clients to feel our support, feel like they a part of the team. And the results do not keep us waiting. 


Yana Levkovich,

Head of Sales

 And at some point, I understood that I would like to teach people how to deliver the same value to clients and build reliable relations. That is how I am here as a Sales Team lead. I am proud to be part of this company and I have no doubt that with this attentive and professional approach we will rock the affiliate industry”.

Technical Support Department

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s most supportive of us all? Surely, that would be our rockstar support team! Working 24/7 to solve all the issues and help with any technical requests – no wonder, that our support gets lots of (worthy!) credits from our clients. So, please, meet the godmother of Technical Support team, Tatsiana Demina.


Tatsiana Demina, Head of Technical Support

“I’ve been ‘a support girl’ practically all my entire professional life. Thus, I can safely say that customer orientation is in my blood! Operating on different levels of support: live chats local, call centers, remote product support, trainings following with the 24/7 support mode made me understand what it means for both sides: what are business expectations and what the intentions of people in business are. That is why I’m here, at this position investing my time and efforts in providing high quality tech support and training the team to do the same.
Now in Affise I combine all my experience, knowledge and understanding in one enormous and complex thing – ‘How to do support’. And with the team I have: with product and industry gurus, technical masters, customer success and onboarding experts, I feel like we’re on the right way.

Customer Success Department

“If you want to earn money with Affise, just ask me how,” – that should be the motto of Customer Success team at Affise. Those who are always there for our clients, those who are ready to advice on the best solution, those who love and care about each and every, who will be your friend, advisor, a part of the family. And by no surprise this very department is run by a wonderful woman, Tanya Grypachevskaya.

“I have started my industry career in early 2013. It was my year of new life milestones – moving to another city, moving to absolutely different worksphere. Well, from that time and up to date, my biggest challenge is to explain my family and friends what I am doing at work:)

I have been engaged with a few well-known affiliate networks, buying and selling mobile traffic worldwide. Having obtained different positions in affiliate agencies, I have noticed that vendors were more obsessed about getting 1st payment, than about further renewal. In the case of any ad issue, each party takes an defensive stance, hardly negotiates with compromise. I was definitely gonna use all collected experience to create partnership with customers on my next position.


Tanya Grypachevskaya, Head of Customer Success

At Affise my goal was to build Customer Success team from scratch. For a product as Affise, having customers onboard and fully engaged into the software is the absolute must. I know, that being friendly is always one of the rules for any affiliate or account manager, but being empathetic is the only communicational rule for Customer Success manager. Thus our Affise CS team consists of the people that in any case put themselves into the other side position and looking for a partner solution. We are the first line of communication with our partners, our goal is to provide product and sphere expertise. Each day challenge is to convert customers feedback into a direct product improvement, to make sure we develop the cutting edge features. Affise is the right place if you want to create an amazing performance marketing product”.


Varsha Duhoon, Customer Success Manager – India & APAC

“I started my journey in 2016 with a Startup in Affiliate Marketing industry as an AdOps. Before joining Affise in OCT-2017 I worked with one other company as an Affiliate Manager and as soon as I got a chance to join Affise I went for it. It has by date been one of the best decisions I have made. Being from a Technical Background (Masters degree , computer science – MCA) helped me to land a role in Support. I have enjoyed working here a lot and was promoted to the Onboarding team. I interact with clients directly, guide them on how to efficiently utilize the Platform for their Business and hence help them to increase revenue.

Work environment is great and I have an amazing fun-loving team to work with. Office parties and travel is fun with the team”.

Affise Academia

What I can say: we live, we learn! And the person, who’s in charge of putting new knowledge about the industry and Affise product into our bright minds is no other than Veronika Avdevich, Product Marketing Manager.

“I remember the day that has determined the course of my career for almost 2 years. In that morning I just received a master’s degree and said goodbye to the work of the teacher… and later that night I was invited for an interview at Affise.

Two years is about the amount of time I create, challenge myself and learn new things at Affise. I am very proud that my journey began with the best Support Team in the industry. This department gave me an excellent knowledge of the product and industry and, on top of that, I was surrounded by wonderful people there. Then I became a mentor for newcomers and that opened up new opportunities for me. 


Veronika Avdevich, Product Marketing Manager

The Marketing Department offered me to participate in the creation of a large-scale project to train all Affisians. This is how Affise Academia was established. Initially, there was one direction – a course the aim of which was to give a basic understanding of the Affiliate Marketing industry. Now there are several directions: onboarding courses for different departments, the study of partners and customers and etc. After moving to the Marketing, I had new challenges being Product Marketing Manager and the supervisor of Affise Academia.

To my mind, being a professional is to learn something new everyday and share expertise with others. And I’m glad that Affise encourages any knowledge sharing initiative. I happened to work with all the departments and to learn a lot from each person I met here.

For the present, I know for sure that I am in the right place – among passionate talented people with whom we create awesome and extraordinary things”.

HR Department

HR department is short for HERO department. They are not magicians, but thanks to their efforts we have great teams, with people getting along well and actually enjoying working together. Meet the Head of HR department, Daria Senchenko.


Daria Senchenko, Head of HR and Minsk office

“I got my first experience in HR management back in 2011 as a specialist in training and motivation of the MTBank staff. And already then it became clear to me that this is the sphere where I would like to stay for a long time, developing the most diverse facets of my personality. After 3 years of gaining experience in different companies and structures I have already led a team of recruiters and HR professionals in an outsourcing IT company.

What is the main mission of HR in the company in my opinion?
I think that our primary goal is to find people with high potential, help them develop and feel the very value of their role not only for themselves, but for the team and the company, because a feeling of self-realization is something that brings joy into our lives every day.

How do I and our team help make Affise better?
Affise would not be such a cool company if it were not for the same kind of cool people and professionals at the same time. People – our main value”.

Marketing and Communications Department

“I got 99 problems, but a pitch ain’t one,” – that’s what our fearless PR manager, Anastasia Zaichko always says about her job. Yeap, we’re talking about brand promotion right now! Please, welcome the one and only events’ supervisor, partner & media relations manager, brandsaver and just a good person.

“8th of March is not only the International Women’s Day for me, but also the day I had my first interview at Affise 2 years ago. By that time I had been working as a PR manager for almost two years, but do you know what it means for a PR Manager to change not only the place of work but also the industry you worked in? Well, I can tell you. It feels like you are changing the whole Universe you lived in: all the Medias and journalists you were successfully working with, all the partners you established relationships with, all the tools you implemented in your working process – everything immediately becomes irrelevant to your new position. You have to start your life all over again. It looks like a challenge, doesn’t it? However, if you do only what is easy, you will always remain weak. oooo

Anastasia Zaichko, Head of Public Relations

That’s why I came to Affise. And the main lesson I have learned so far: everything is possible if you have the right team. The team that will help you with any problems, occurring in the working process. The team that always has your back. The team that is driving to one and the same place, and this place is called Success. And Affise is the exact kind of team”.

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