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Success Hacks — 29 Jun 2022

Enterprise VS Professional

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Upgrade Your Affise Subscription Plan But You Should

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Upgrade Your Affise Subscription Plan But You Should

Everything has its price. Generally, you choose the minimum that allows you to start and get acquainted with certain services closely. Yet the product reveals all its potential in a full package. So why give up all the opportunities that allow you to get higher-quality results?

Let’s take a look at the Affise platform from a similar perspective.

Additional savings. If you’re assuming that you save for an overcap every day, I have bad news for you. To cover the same 40k conversions on your PRO plan, you would need to pay $600 on top of the standard $299. The Enterprise plan will cost you only $499 per month.
But what if you really do have less than 10k conversions monthly? With all the features that will be opened up for you on the Enterprise plan, perhaps, just one step holds you from a new peak.

More earnings. You might be satisfied with the features inventory that you have now. But what if I tell you that by adding Smartlinks for trafficback solely you will increase your revenue up to 11%? And now imagine that you’re using all the available features!

61% of Affise users show revenue growth once starting using Enterprise which leads them to further plan upgrades.

Extra time. Set aside your routine manual optimization work and shift to Automation Features: Smartlinks, CR & Click Automation, and Commission Tiers. Set up a combo of auto-optimization to focus on those sources which grant you the best results. At the same time, trust the AI behind the Smarlink and monetize each click possible.

Access to brand campaigns. Features like click-level fraud prevention tool and Click Cap allow you to control budgets, as well as screen the traffic to the end benefit of your performance. Why wait to test it?

Another level of support. You, probably, came with a regular “how-to” matter, but there is a big chance you will find yourself wanting to continue chatting with the tech-team for longer. Same as you, we sincerely care and invest our best to make you smile. 

Ready to take a shot with all the features available for Enterprise and skyrocket your business?

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