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Tips & Guides — 19 May 2022

Top Growth Marketing Courses

The Best Online Growth Marketing Courses to Improve Your Skills

Best Online Growth Marketing

Nowadays, businesses expect marketers to build, design, and execute marketing plans. So marketing managers and marketing teams need in-depth knowledge of the customer funnel. After all, they’re required to acquire, activate, and retain customers to help companies grow. Cue growth hacking.

Growth hackers are marketers who are responsible for a company’s growth. Their goal is to ensure products reach as many people as possible by measuring, analyzing, testing, and optimizing. Most startups now look to employ a growth hacker – so learning the art of growth marketing helps your resumé to shine.

An online growth marketing course is a great way to learn growth hacking from anywhere. But with so many growth hacking courses to choose from, how do you know which is best? Throughout this article, we’ll look at the best online growth marketing courses to improve your skills.

What is online growth marketing?

Growth marketing goes beyond traditional marketing. How? By focusing on testing, optimization, data analytics, and data-driven marketing campaigns. These growth hacking strategies help growth marketers drive continuous, sustainable growth. Growth marketing aims to add value at every stage of the marketing funnel. It’s not enough to simply attract customers; you also need to retain them and turn them into ambassadors.

A growth hack can be anything from harnessing social media to conducting regular A/B testing and optimizing your landing pages. One of the best growth hacks is partner marketing. Platforms like Affise are a smart way to find partners who’ll promote your brand. With Affise tools at your disposal, you can conduct your marketing campaign, reach more customers, and ultimately grow your revenue. And that’s exactly what growth hacking is all about.

What skills does a digital marketer need?

What makes a great growth marketer? Well, they have several qualities:

  • Data-driven. Growth marketers are comfortable using data and statistics to inform their marketing efforts. They use the latest digital marketing tools like Affise BI and Affise Reach to manage data and make evidence-based decisions.
  • Creative. The best digital marketers are creative and open to new ideas and methods.
  • Product-focused. A great digital marketer knows the products they’re selling inside-out.
  • A hacker mentality. Digital marketers need a wide range of skills to be effective hackers, from content writing to coding. In other words, they need to be T-shaped marketers.
  • Not afraid of failure. Successful growth marketers embrace failure as a tool for learning and improvement. They know they’ll eventually succeed. 
Width.Depth of knowledge

Reasons why you should take growth courses:

  • If you’re passionate about marketing and want to learn in-demand growth hacking strategies.
  • If you’re looking to make your way into marketing and land a gig.
  • If you aim to increase customer engagement and grow your business.
  • If you need to apply growth methodology to your ventures and run campaigns just as a professional firm would.

Growth marketing courses to check out

Every growth marketing course should teach you the fundamental skills for growth hackers. This includes the growth mindset, growth processes, and models like the GROWS Process and the Pirate Funnel. They should also teach you general skills like testing and analysis so you can set up your own growth hacking experiments. 

Let’s look at the eight best growth marketing courses that teach you the skills you need to succeed as a first-class hacker.

1. Growth University – Mastering Growth

Growth University - Mastering Growth

Mastering Growth aims to help startups learn how to use marketing channels, advertising, lead generation, and other skills to grow their business. It’s designed for startup founders, entrepreneurs, and their teams. There’s also a free program Building a Growth Playbook, which is a condensed version of Mastering Growth

Other relevant GU courses that complement Mastering Growth are:

  • Fundraising for Startups 
  • Finding Your Early Customers With User Interviews
  • Boost Your Business Reach With LinkedIn Ads 
  • The Marketers’ Playbook: From Ads to Customers 
  • Paid Acquisition: A Deep Dive Into Google Ads


$1,000 for single-seat access or free to members (membership starts at $149 per month)

How you’ll learn

This full-time program is delivered online via Zoom by Growth University Founder Craig Zingerline. It features numerous guest contributors from a variety of industries. You’ll also have access to a private Slack channel where people share resources, experiences, and best practices.

Each module comes with supporting resources that will be invaluable as your startup grows. There are weekly live sessions with the GU team, and you can network with others on the course through weekly coffee chats and challenges.

Program structure

The program consists of five online modules that explore the core elements of growth: 

  1. Growth and Financial Modeling
  2. Customer Acquisition
  3. Activation
  4. Retention
  5. Experiments, A/B Testing, and Growth Process

The modules include topics like customer activation and retention, customer onboarding, and testing. It also covers customer acquisition channels like SEO, SEM, and referrals, as well as paid advertising like Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

2. CXL – Growth Marketing Minidegree 

CXL - Growth Marketing Minidegree

The Growth Marketing Minidegree is a comprehensive certification program. It covers everything you need to grow a successful business, such as quantitative and analytical skills, copywriting, channel acquisition, and program management. You can use these skills in ecommerce, SaaS, and B2B and B2C industries.

The program is ideal for any entrepreneur or marketer looking to create a solid growth marketing strategy.


$249 per month for personal use or $224 per user per month (for a team of five)

How you’ll learn

You’ll learn from leading industry practitioners through video lessons, practice exercises, and resources like spreadsheets and checklists. The videos are organized by topics, and there are optional assignments to apply what you’ve learned. The program is self-paced, so you can fit it around your schedule. Once you pass the certification test, you’ll be a Certified Growth Marketing Specialist. 

Program structure

The Minidegree consists of seven modules:

  1. Growth Marketing Foundations: define growth marketing, what its aims are, and how it’s different from traditional marketing.
  2. Running Growth Experiments: learn experimentation skills and testing strategies like test execution metrics.
  3. Data and Analytics: learn the data analytical skills you will need to map and optimize for KPIs. 
  4. Conversion: study conversion rate, landing page optimization, and product messaging.
  5. Channel-Specific Growth Skills: learn how to identify which channel works best for your business – such as SEO, content marketing, SEM, or email marketing. You’ll also look at LinkedIn Advertising, YouTube Ads, and influencer marketing strategies. 
  6. Growth Program Management: study how to structure and manage a growth team at scale, communicate results, and learn from experiments. 
  7. Management: look at optimizing your marketing tech stack, marketing strategy, and project management. 

3. Reforge – Growth Series

Reforge - Growth Series

The Reforge Growth Series is a six-week program that draws on real-life examples from some of the tech industry’s top leaders. It covers a range of growth topics, from acquisition and conversion to user psychology and growth hacking experiments. The Growth Series is aimed at people with three or more years of professional experience in a growth-related role. This includes areas like product management, marketing, and data analysis. 


$1,995 per year for one seat or $1,795 for 3+ seats

How you’ll learn

Each week, you’ll have two to three hours of material to go through at your own pace. You‘ll also attend a live session on Zoom to go through a real-life scenario where you can apply what you’ve learned. The material is based on proven frameworks and systems created by leading B2B and B2C executives. 

Each week, you’ll have the chance to connect with others on the program. You can also attend or host an in-depth session on a specific topic and discuss questions within the forum and also on Slack.

Program structure

Over six weeks, you’ll cover the following topics:

  1. Retention and Engagement: define use cases, analyze retention, and study habit-building strategies.
  2. Acquisition: study which Growth Loops work for your brand and build an acquisition strategy. 
  3. Monetization: learn how monetization affects your growth, how to analyze it, and how you can improve. 
  4. Growth Models: use your growth model to identify opportunities, set goals, and prioritize your efforts.
  5. User Psychology: use an analytical framework to identify user emotions, motivations, and friction.
  6. Experiments: take ideas from previous weeks and create experiments to implement and execute. 

4. General Assembly – Marketing On Demand

General Assembly - Marketing On Demand

Marketing On Demand is a flexible program that teaches you the fundamentals of digital marketing. It includes topics like CRM, customer insight, SEO, funnel optimization, and automation. 

Many digital marketing platforms now rely on automation, from email marketing to data transfer platforms like CPAPI. So courses like this are essential for the modern growth marketer. 



How you’ll learn

You’ll have 24/7 access to the General Assembly platform for 12 months, so you can learn at your own pace. There are 53 lessons created by industry experts, and you can access lesson guides, quizzes, and a skills assessment.

Plus, you can talk to expert mentors online in five one-to-one sessions. During the sessions, the mentors can help you understand complex concepts. They’ll also give feedback on your portfolio, help you apply new skills, and give you career insights.

Program structure

The GA program looks at the following sections:

  1. Customer Insight
  2. Creative and Content
  3. Marketing Channels
  4. Analytics
  5. Marketing Technology

These sections include a wide range of topics, such as customer journey mapping, social media marketing, paid advertising, testing and optimization, marketing automation, and more.

5. Demand Curve – Growth Marketing Full Course

Demand Curve - Growth Marketing Full Course

The Growth Marketing course teaches you how to build a “growth engine.” Growth engines combine a scalable marketing channel, product messaging, and a high-converting funnel. The course is aimed at digital marketers and founders who want to grow their companies faster and more consistently. It’s best for companies that already have customers. 


$250 per month for six months

How you’ll learn

Demand Curve’s program has strong telepresence in the form of live online workshops and step-by-step playbooks. In them, you’ll learn every aspect of customer acquisition and conversion to help grow your business. By the end of the program, you should have built and tested your own business growth engine.

Program structure

To build your growth engine, you will cover five topics:

  1. Learn the Fundamentals: look at the different growth frameworks to understand how your product grows and identify key growth levers. 
  2. Nail Your Product Positioning: conduct market research to write effective content, landing pages, and ads.
  3. Build Your Growth Strategy: choose a sales channel. Is your startup more likely to grow through content, paid acquisition, viral acquisition, or sales?
  4. Build a High-Converting Funnel: create acquisition loops to convert, activate, and monetize new customers.
  5. Launch, Experiment, and Optimize: test your chosen acquisition channel and conduct optimizations until you’re profitably acquiring customers. 

6. Growth Tribe – Growth Marketing Immersive

Growth Tribe - Growth Marketing Immersive

Growth Tribe has an alumni community of over 16,000 and includes digital marketers from Spotify, DuoLingo, Google, and Booking.com. The Growth Marketing Immersive course is led by marketing experts and aims to improve your performance throughout the marketing funnel. It’s designed for marketers with three or more years of experience who want to grow their company.



How you’ll learn

The program is self-paced and includes bite-sized videos from experts. You’ll also have six live online training sessions and three personalized sessions with a mentor. There are templates, marketing guides, and case studies available to download, plus community support and access to cutting-edge tools. After a knowledge assessment, you’ll get an internationally-recognized certificate in Growth Marketing. 

Program structure

Growth Tribe’s program consists of four modules:

  1. The Growth Mindset: learn experimentation and how to adopt a growth hacking mindset.
  2. The Fundamentals of Growth: study growth marketing principles, including the GROWS Process, Psychographic Personas, and the Jobs to Be Done Framework.
  3. The Pirate Funnel: understand how to use data to maximize results at every stage of the Pirate Funnel. 
  4. Implementing Growth in Organizations: learn how to implement growth at scale and build a growth team by becoming an expert optimizer. 

7. GrowthHackers – GrowthMaster Training Course 

GrowthHackers - GrowthMaster Training Course

Sean Ellis, the founder of GrowthHackers, was the first to coin the term “growth hacking” in 2010. Since then, he’s continued to evolve his best practices at companies like Dropbox and LogMeIn and by collaborating with other growth leaders. The GrowthMaster Training Course is designed for anyone who wants to become an effective GrowthMaster. Examples are startup founders, marketers, growth analysts, and product managers.



How you’ll learn

The program is online and comes with lifetime access, so you can complete it at your own pace. It consists of a series of short online lectures by Sean Ellis. These lectures teach you the fundamentals of growth marketing, as well as best practices for executing a growth process that drives results.

Program structure

The program has eight modules:

  1. Course Goals and Agenda 
  2. Key Growth Fundamentals 
  3. The Growth Process 
  4. The GrowthMaster Role 
  5. The Growth Team
  6. The Growth Meeting 
  7. Pulling it All Together
  8. Resources and Certification Exam 

Through these modules, you’ll learn how to keep your team engaged and how to conduct effective growth meetings. You’ll also learn how to ensure your plans are effectively executed, and how to maximize testing. 

8. GrowthMentor Video Library 

GrowthMentor Video Library

The GrowthMentor Video Library is for anyone who wants to grow their business through hard work and creativity. It includes a range of resources, including growth playbooks and proven marketing strategies. 


‘Free’ to members (membership is $100 per month or $80 per month with quarterly payments)

How you’ll learn

As a member of GrowthMentor, you can watch over 50 hours of free video content created by the Growth Mentors. These mentors specialize in growth and have been involved in the growth of companies like Google, IBM, and Typeform. 

With membership, you can schedule unlimited online one-to-one sessions with the mentor of your choice. You can also access a private Slack community, weekly check-ins with an Accountability Coach, and monthly coaching packages.

Program structure

The video library includes a wide range of videos relating to growth, such as:

  • Content marketing, email marketing, and social media 
  • Data and analytics 
  • Growth design and growth hacking
  • Link building 
  • Product management 
  • Retention 
  • SEO

The Growth Mentors can also give you personalized advice and coaching in the growth topics of your choice. They could even advise you on how to choose a partner marketing platform.

How long does the marketing course take?

The Growth University course takes five weeks, and the Reforge and Demand Curve programs take six weeks. The other online courses are self-paced, so how long they take depends on how many hours you can put in each week.

For instance, the CXL Growth Marketing Minidegree consists of 97 hours and 21 minutes of content. If you can only spare two to four hours a week, it will take you around ten months. If you can put in 10-15 hours a week, you could complete the course in three months.

Improve your skills today

Growth marketing and growth hacking have become far more than mere buzzwords – they’re now an essential part of digital marketing. A growth marketing course is a great way to improve your skills and make you invaluable to employers. 

In this article, we looked at the eight best online courses in growth marketing that will help you become a growth marketing guru. So why not take the plunge and improve your growth hacking skills today?

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