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Partnerships — 28 Jun 2022

MyLead Joins CPAPI

MyLead Joins CPAPI + MyLead Review

Affise presents new CPAPI integration – MyLead affiliate networks, which means more offers for publishers and affiliate networks to start with almost immediately.  

Developed by Affise team, CPAPI is a data transfer platform that seamlessly connects sources of offers with recipient systems, and almost in no time pull offers into tracking platforms and in-house solutions.

MyLead is an affiliate network from Poland operating all over the world since 2014. MyLead is involved in acquiring clients for both the largest brands and small portals. It does this through the network of over 160,000 partners.

Why MyLead?

MyLead has been repeatedly awarded with industry awards for its innovative approach to affiliation. The network can be rightfully proud of Deloitte FAST50 Central Europe 2020 awards, thanks to which MyLead is in the 16th place among the 50 fastest growing companies in Central Europe. They also won numerous voting contests for the best networks on Affbank.com, AffiliateFix.com, and affNext.com.

Benefits of working with MyLeads

Vast number of affiliate programs

MyLead has more than 2,000 affiliate programs sorted into over 20 categories. MyLead offers programs in several models: CPA, CPL, CPS, PPI and COD.

In-house affiliate programs and solutions

MyLead represents a large database of affiliate programs. They also have unique offers created by the company itself and thus available only there. Further, MyLead offers a comparison engine that operates all over the world and combines hundreds of different affiliate programs in one campaign.

Extensive API and postback tracking

MyLead has an API based on 15 parameters that allows users to receive a lot of information about the acquired lead.

Experience and trust

MyLead has been operating since 2014. They cooperate with many affiliate networks with whom they share their offers. Over the entire span of time MyLead has made payments of over five million dollars to publishers.

Mobile app

MyLead offers mobile applications for Android and iOS which enable users to control their MyLead accounts from their smartphones or tablets.

Instant withdrawals

Affiliates receive their payouts within 14 days, usually within 48 hours, through bank accounts, PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, Revolut or BTC (soon YandexMoney and Qiwi). The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 20.

MyLead in numbers

How can publishers integrate with MyLeads via CPAPI?

You need to create an account on MyLead. An account does not require approval – it works immediately once created. 

Publishers must join each affiliate program separately to gain access. 

If you are a network who wants to gain mass access to a large number of affiliate programs,you need to contact support members.

MyLead's special deals for Affise users

Publisher/user can use code AFFISE when registering on MyLead and he will have +10% for all leads value for 100 hours.

Are you looking for a solution to automate the data transfer and pull hundreds of offers in no time? Your search ends with CPAPI. 

Your company is searching for a full technology stack to drive affiliate business?

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