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“Launching affiliate network is easier than it looks at first glance,” – Leadbit about their success story

Affiliate Network Insider — 23 Jun 2022


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  • “Launching affiliate network is easier than it looks at first glance,” – Leadbit about their success story

“Launching affiliate network is easier than it looks at first glance,” – Leadbit about their success story

Each day new players are starting to conquer the affiliate marketing industry. They all aspire to achieve great success and hope that someday their names will appear along with the affiliate marketing leaders’. Now we could hardly imagine that days and years ago all of these giants were newcomers as well. What were they dreaming of? Which problems did they have? What were the key factors to their success? How did they become globally known? What was the affiliate marketing industry like back then?

We continue sharing the answers to these and many more questions in our series of articles, Affiliate Network Insider*, that touch upon the working life of the biggest and most prominent affiliate networks in the industry. Stay Affised by keeping up with the latest content released on our blog and give a warm welcome to our new guest, the Head of Marketing Department of Leadbit, Olga Salmanova.


Olga Salmanova, Head of Marketing Department, Leadbit

“Launching affiliate network is easier than it looks at first glance,” - Leadbit about their success story

– Tell us, how you started. How did you enter the affiliate market?

– Since Leadbit is the part of the 8bit group of companies, it was more or less clear with entering the market. We tested the scheme on the ShakesPro project on Russian and CIS market. Then we decided to enter and scale up in the European market. First, we established local connections, call centers and logistics. Then, we adapted a couple of dozen offers: translated bundles to local languages, changed the packaging of products. According to the test results it was already clear that the project promised to be successful.

Of course, the new project opted for a new team. We hired english-speaking team and got LeadBit launched with the help of our colleagues from side projects. As you can see, everything is much easier than it looks at first glance.

– You say easy, but there must have been difficulties. What challenges did you face?

– The major difficulty in product promotion to local market is local law. You have to gather appropriate certificates and spend time on learning and understanding the administrative and criminal law etc. In addition you have to take into account local features, such as habits and mentality, to develop the promotion strategy. However, we have our legal team and previous experience to handle it successfully.

– Speaking about the team. Now you have 2500 employees in the network (8bit – Editor’s note). How have you built your own team? Maybe you have special requirements to the candidates?

– I am sure that our requirements may be no surprise for you. The main requirement for the team member is being initiative, brisk, creative and able to understand the core of the problem. And there are two things you will never find among the members of our team: indifference and lack of English proficiency.

I always look for people with fire in their eyes, ready to move mountains. Fun fact, these people do always stand out from the crowd.

– And what do you think makes you stand out from other affiliate networks?

– Our network is completely, as it is called, in-house. We have offers and call-centers of our own. Since the amount of contractors is minimal, we guarantee high quality of the product and flexibility in partnership. We can always make a deal on individual terms as we set these terms ourselves and do not depend on anyone.


– Are there any technical advantages of working with your network we should know about?

– Of course. We have our own tracking system to track statistics fast and easy. In addition, we provide TDS, API and domain parking to simplify the work of our partners in technical terms.

– What about affiliates? How do you attract them to your network and build relationships with them?

– Basically we attract partners with the use of four channels: advertising/media, partnership agreements with large companies, personal event communication, and managers’ work. We have built up such system of relationship with partners, that we assist them at every stage of cooperation. While dealing with novice, we advice them offers and bundles, help them out with sources and advertising campaigns. Dealing with trust partner or top affiliate, we grant them with private terms, tell them about new features and fresh topics first.


– What do you mean, when you say “TOP Affiliate”? How much do they earn?

– TOP’s are the partners with consistently high volumes of traffic. A great number of our affiliates can be called TOP. And about their earnings – it is better to ask them directly:)

– We will probably do!:) And how do you work with advertisers?

– Being a direct advertiser ourselves, we have only 5% of resale in our system. These include exclusive local offers: Italy, Romania, and so on. Most often, local advertisers work with us under a white label.

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– Your experience in the industry is already 5 years. How has the industry changed since then?

– CPA Industry is very dynamic. Changes occur every month or week, if not day. Much has changed, but the key points, in our opinion, are the following:

– Your forecast for the next year: how will the industry change? What challenges will it face? Which verticals/GEOs/niches will be popular?

– My definite top of niches is nutra, finance and crypto. Subscriptions and sweepstakes also work, however, they become outdated. Challenges will remain the same – accounts’ banning, source burnout and offers that outlived themselves. Thus, it is important keep up with the trends and look for new approaches. In short, to be one step ahead.

– What is the main secret of your success?

– I am sure that the key to success is the team itself, when your colleagues are a little more than people you spend 8 (and sometimes 12) hours at the office with. So seek out for your allies!

* AFFILIATE NETWORK INSIDER is a project, covering success stories and inside life of the biggest and most prominent affiliate networks in the industry. Make YOUR story heard by emailing to az@affise.com.


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