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Affiliate Network Insider — 28 Jun 2022


Marketing Insider: Interview with Bhavesh Talreja, Globale Media

As we continue sharing the success stories and inside life of the most prominent leaders in the industry, this edition of interview series features Globale Media, one of the largest AI-driven mobile advertising platforms, that supports advertisers aiming to reach their brand awareness and user acquisitions goals. Through their direct partnerships with top OEMs, publishers and app developers, Globale Media creates a new experience by ensuring 100% direct app traffic over mobile and OEMs, utilizing its white label technology that predicts the app users based on their profiles and interests.  

For this edition, we’ve talked to Bhavesh Talreja, Globale Media’s CEO to find out how the mobile apps marketing landscape has been changing over the years, how the iOS14 update will influence the Adtech industry in 2021, and how advertisers can benefit from programmatic advertising and remarketing.

– Hi Bhavesh, thanks for joining us for this interview. How and when did you enter the mobile advertising industry?

Bhavesh Talreja, CEO, Globale Media

After completing my master’s degree from the University of Paderborn in Germany, I got an opportunity to work with one of the top ad-tech startups, Applift (headquartered in Berlin). There I learned the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, gained over two years of experience working in different departments, starting from ad ops to account management. Having gained enough expertise, I figured out that the future of mobile ad-tech companies in South East Asia, India and China looked quite promising. Seizing this opportunity, I quit my job in 2016 and started off Globale Media in early 2017 by establishing an office in Singapore. 

– Now Globale Media has 5 offices in 3 regions. Can you share more details how you managed to expand in such a short period of time? 

In the first year, we managed to get some of the biggest e-commerce giants such as Lazada, Shopee, Bukalapak. India then surpassed the US with the highest number of active mobile users in the world, paving way for the next ad-tech boom. Thereafter, we started offices in India and managed to get clients like Flipkart, Amazon, Sharechat, Myntra, Dailyhunt, Medlife, Takatak etc. As we already had our presence in Singapore, it gave us a very good opportunity to work closely with our South East Asia clients. To cater to the Middle East Asia market, we started an office from Dubai in 2019. 

– How has being based in multiple parts of the world helped you generate new and innovative ideas? 

Imagine, we have around 100+ Direct App Marketers spread across South-East Asia, India Middle East and United States. Our managers communicate with them day by day, so we know all the tendencies and peculiarities of the industry, as well as aspirations of the marketers from mobile advertising channel. 

Besides, maintaining the standards of our service and support has always been crucial for us. Thus, with the upcoming interest in our services, we look forward to our expansion in China, Europe, Japan and United States in order to provide our customers and partners with even higher level of on-the-ground service, facilitating their growth upwards and beyond.

– You’ve been involved in the mobile apps industry since 2014. How has the industry changed since then? 

It goes without saying that the mobile apps industry keeps evolving every quarter and so do the attribution, fraud detection and monetization techniques across the board. Still, there are some of the points that I’d like to highlight:

– Fraud has been increasing for years, but the fraud detection and prevention technology market has been always keeping up. As per recent surveys from MMPs like Appsflyer, the share of Fraud traffic decreased for the first time YoY. 

– Social Video, Ecommerce and Gaming have grown exponentially and COVID-19 has only accelerated that trend.

– Mobile-first approach has expanded from most developing Asian regions to Major African and East European regions as well.

– User Privacy has become the talk of the town with Apple and Google facing more and more pressure from the regulators to keep the right of privacy in the hands of end users.

– What are the biggest mobile marketing talking points that you’ve noticed recently?

– Probably the biggest talking point in the AdTech industry in 2020 was about the depreciation of the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) option in iOS 14. The biggest User acquisition and remarketing companies were busy deciding how to tackle the accurate device ids attribution via alternate attribution methods. The LinkedIn feed was filled up with the news about how these changes would impact iOS campaign attribution and what’s coming next in the industry. Then, Apple decided to postpone the suppression of IDFA to the next year giving a sigh of relief to the whole industry and leaving them with the much needed time to evolve the attribution and remarketing methods and prepare for the next era of User Privacy. On the other hand, the same challenge would be one of the most interesting events in early 2021, and we’ll see how the industry will adapt to this major change.

Besides, most of the app marketers have shifted their focus to programmatic and clean traffic channels. They are now ready to spend the extra buck in order to reach the last mile user. Remarketing is coming up as a very attractive option for most of the marketers to retap on their non-active user base and thus increasing the overall LTV of the user. Due to COVID-19 pandemic the shift from offline to online marketing has simply accelerated and in most of the major economies, while it is either neck on neck or has already overtaken the overall offline marketing spends by major brands.

– Can you give us a glance of the applications you use on your phone?

– There are a bunch of apps that I use for productivity, shopping and games into my daily routine. But I would like to highlight that I constantly look forward to downloading and using new free apps in the IN, SEA and MEA region from time to time. This helps me evaluate the product competition and the virality of the app and we can redirect our sales efforts in getting the marketing budgets for such apps. Among my personal favorites have been Josh, Moj, MX Takatak, Garena Free Fire, Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. And the new ones which I recently started using are A3: Still Alive, Roof Rails, House Flipper and Teen Patti.

– Can you name a few tools or services that you use to make the life of a mobile marketer easier?

– First and foremost, data plays a key role in deciding the ROI of the campaign. Thus, tracking becomes a key ingredient in making sure the right channels are employed in terms of marketing via different inventories. In terms of data analytics and attribution, Google Analytics, Google Double Click, Tableau, Facebook analytics are vital in order to run and monitor search and social channel campaigns. 

In terms of attribution platforms which provide paid and organic insights into the user journey and spends, I suggest to use tools such as Appsflyer, Adjust, Branch, Kochava etc.

-You made an impressive career in mobile advertising, but where do you think you could end up working if not in this industry?

I have a “startuper” mindset, I guess. I just love the vibe of creating something new and innovative, bringing around the people with sparkling eyes and creative vision, and cutting through the rest of the noise in the industry. So, if not in mobile marketing, I think I would still be in the Digital space, maybe in content creation, but in another sphere. Digital marketing excites me most, anyway.

* MARKETING INSIDER is a project, covering success stories and inside life of the most prominent marketers and agencies in the digital industry.

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