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How MyAppFree Increases Profits with CPAPI by Affise

Would you ever say ‘no’ to the opportunity to increase your revenues? We wouldn’t either. So, as part of the success stories series, we would like to share a case study of MyAppFree, the Italian fast-growing mobile advertising network. Being an integrated CPAPI source enabled them to increase their revenue as well as found new partners to work with. Please, welcome Riccardo Fuzzi, MyAppFree Founder & CEO, sharing the success story working with CPAPI.

– Would you please present MyAppFree to our readers?

MyAppFree is a performance-based advertising platform developed to match advertisers and publishers’ needs. It provides exclusive traffic sources to the first ones, while it supplies direct, private and long-lasting offers to the second ones. Since 2013, we have worked every day to make our company the most profitable we can, focusing our activity on tech development to meet the best quality standards of the industry. This approach made us increase our revenues constantly over time, keeping the costs the lowest as possible.

– What challenges did you face working in the industry?

In our 5-years activity in mobile marketing, we learned the most important lesson at this purpose: the key of profit is automation. Think about it. How much time does many companies loose on mechanical and manual tasks that could be done in an automated and faster way? If you work as publisher or as advertiser and you are spending ages of time in adding new partners, pulling or pushing campaigns and configuring custom parameters, you are making something wrong.

– How did CPAPI help you automate your processes?

There is always room for improvement and it’s here that comes into play Affise CPAPI. Partners can always join us through MyAppFree registration page, but having the possibility to integrate with them in just a few clicks is the killer feature we couldn’t miss and opened us the doors to new business opportunities. Indeed, being listed as one of the 80+ biggest advertisers available to Affise CPAPI integrated publishers, gave us at MyAppFree the possibility to make more profit, growing our network and more. And it’s not so surprisingly, if you take a look at the steps required to be integrated by our partners through this solution.


– What publishers should do to integrate with MyAppFree via CPAPI?

To start working with us, they just need to jump on their CPAPI Dashboard, click on Demand Source button and then on New Demand source button, choose MyAppFree as Network type and fill a couple of fields accordingly. Done: nice and easy.

No technical issues or time wasting procedures. The result of such a flawless process is the start of new and profitable business partnerships for both us and CPAPI integrated publishers.

– How did you benefit after integration with CPAPI?

Since we connected to Affise CPAPI platform, we started receiving more than 2 meaningful integration requests per week, which led to more than 4 new partners integrations per month. If you are in this industry, you already know what it means.

Analyzing last performance data about MyAppFree, we can say with no doubts that thanks to Affise CPAPI our revenues are grown by 15%. It is an extraordinary result, and these numbers are likely to keep growing in the coming months.


Having become CPAPI source, MyAppFree increased their revenue by 15%

Moreover, the advantage is double: on one side, new publishers discover us every day on Affise Dashboard integrating with us in few simple steps, while on the other side it’s quite frequent that new partners we meet already support Affise as well. In both cases, this approach speeds up things considerably, making such processes smoother than ever.


Riccardo Fuzzi, MyAppFree Founder & CEO

Riccardo Fuzzi, MyAppFree Founder & CEO:

“CPAPI by Affise has been a full-fledged “win-win” approach for us that we suggest you considering for real, if you are looking for a way to boost your business evolution. In a crowded industry as mobile marketing, only dynamic, updated and fast players will succeed and we feel that our choice to partner with Affise is another step in the right direction.

Interested in becoming one of CPAPI Sources? Do not hesitate to contact us by emailing to hey@affise.com.

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