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Affise Mobile Measurement Partner: An essential part of a partnership tracking platform

News — 18 Apr 2023

Affise Mobile Measurement Partner

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Empowering Your Business Tracking Opportunities With Affise MMP

Mobile devices are already part of many spheres of customers’ social lives and are the most widely used mode for researching, interacting with, and purchasing products and services. Moreover, research shows that 50% of affiliate traffic comes from mobile devices, says ClickBank.

Other resources, such as artificial intelligence, social commerce, and voice search, are also becoming fundamental tools to shape the customer experience. This industry presents excellent opportunities that can be channeled into partnership marketing; simultaneously, it brings challenges.

Brands and advertisers are more determined to ensure their ad dollars generate a satisfactory ROI. Many companies already consider that they are not interested in marketing actions that cannot be trackable. Thus, an effective partnership tracking platform becomes even more crucial to account for the new times.

This article explains more about the Affise MMP, a performance management tool that Affise has launched. The tool is specifically designed to cater to the needs of mobile performance tracking. It allows brands, digital marketers, and business owners to access advanced features to make their mobile campaigns more effective in one place. Let’s learn more.

What is Affise Affise Mobile Measurement Partner?

Affise Mobile Measurement Partner is part of our range of tracking solutions that aim to provide the right features to make the partner marketing industry more transparent, smooth, and effective. It is a tool embedded in Affise Performance that allows you to track user activity and make relevant decisions for the business. You can analyze the performance of both web and mobile applications in a single partnership tracking platform.

With Affise Mobile Measurement Partner, you can launch campaigns, measure performance, and analyze results in one dashboard while preventing fraud activities. This obstacle frequently affects marketing partnerships.

In this industry, fraud continues to worry businesses. Recently, we released the white paper “The State of Partner Marketing,” where we checked out many aspects surrounding the partner marketing industry. As such, we couldn’t help but consider the high fraud rates that this industry is exposed to. 

Our report showed the worldwide mobile advertising fraud rates in Q2 2022 by the operating system Linux recorded 25.7% false ad impressions, the highest in Q2 2022. iOS came in second, with 15.4% of all ad impressions in this browser being fraudulent during the period shown. To address the concern, Affise Mobile Measurement Partner offers a reliable system that can quickly detect suspicious actions and prevent your campaigns from fraud rates.

Ready to deepen your knowledge of the partnership marketing industry? Explore our white paper for more insights and expertise🔎

What benefits does Affise Mobile Measurement Partner offer?

Once you are using the Affise Mobile Measurement Partner system, you can dispense with using third-party platforms to set up tracking separately for applications of different types. With this feature, you can add and edit your apps, work with partners, and set up tracking involving Affise offers.

More than conversions with specific events, you will have a set of reports containing detailed information about conversions, events, retention, and other user activities. In addition, you can export statistics for your personal needs.

Click to expand the Affise MMP dashboard

An Overview of Advanced Tracking Features

Affise Mobile Measurement Partner allows you to track all your ad campaigns and see which ones are converting, what users do when they install the app, and what the retention process is in depth. Below, we’ll detail more about the tool’s features:

Tracking: It has an effective method for tracking organic and non-organic installs. With this tool, you can use its pre-defined KPIs: Impressions, ROI, clicks, ARPU, revenue, Average eCPI, cost, and conversion rate. 

Post Return Macros: Update conversion types postbacks and customer postbacks with Affise Mobile Measurement Partner macros.

Engagement: With the engagement report, you can show your users are engaged in the application. The more they spend on the application, the more touchpoints the application owners have with their users. Thus, you will better understand the application’s value to the user.

Filters: The “Overview Slice” makes it possible to filter data by period (the default is the last seven days), time zone, application, partner, and country.

Multiple application support: It only takes a few clicks to add one or more applications you want to track.

Multiple partner support: Add one or more partners to promote your applications. You can also invite partners from outside the Affise system.

Facebook attribution: Connect your Facebook ad or partner account to see how your campaigns perform. Also, there are dedicated postback macros that you can use for a smooth Facebook integration.

Raw data export: Export RAW data easily.

Assignment and Reassignment: Retarget users based on specific behavior from within the application. You can decide the way you want to assign it.

To sum up: It is all about tracking

To summarize, the widespread use of mobile devices for brand recognition creates many new opportunities and opens space for fraudulent activity in partner marketing. 

Companies seek an effective partnership tracking platform to ensure their ad investments generate the desired ROI. Affise Mobile Measurement Partner is an enterprise-grade solution designed to scale your business and provide a comprehensive marketing effectiveness measurement. The tool offers advanced tracking features for creating offers, setting parameters, and optimizing results. 

With Affise Mobile Measurement Partner, you can analyze advanced statistics to identify the best-performing channels, track user behavior, and even identify users who have uninstalled and reinstalled your app. Adjusting your segmentation and retargeting specific users based on their in-app behavior can improve campaign performance and increase user engagement.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Affise MMP? Request a flexible and customizable trial today!

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