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News — 08 May 2023

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Affise ShortLink Feature: a New Way to Improve your User Experience

Companies widely use content marketing, SMM, or email marketing to promote their products across different industries. To track the performance, businesses use UTM parameters — special codes added to links they share across the Internet. The problem is links with UTM codes look something like this:

Imagine sharing such URLs on mobile apps or Twitter — they look gross and irritate users. When links consist of 15 clear characters, a user might even remember and type from memory.

You can quickly transform hard-to-read UTM-links into neat and concise ones with the help of URL shorteners. We at Affise recently released a ShortLink feature that creates shorter aliases for standard Affise tracking URLs to help you out.

Why Use Short Links?

You may consider shortening links unnecessary work, but good looks are not the only advantage concise URLs have:  

  • They put your brand name in the first place and help it become one to remember;
  • They appear as trustworthy, while long URLs look suspicious and can be blocked;
  • They are easy-to-remember, so a user can recall them later if needed;
  • They are less likely to be mistyped.

By making URLs shorter, you can effortlessly boost your conversions and brand awareness. To make this task even easier, we’ve released a ShortLink feature — it allows you to generate short URL links inside the Affise platform.

Affise ShortLink Feature

Affise aims to automate every step of the affiliate marketing journey, meaning that users should be able to run campaigns and manage all relevant tasks within one platform. With this in mind, we implemented a link shortener within our platform to eliminate the need to look for a stand-alone tool and constantly switch screens when using it.

To access the ShortLink feature, go to the Webmaster panel → Offer’s preview page → Tracking link field. There you’ll find the “Short link” button.

After pressing the “Short link” button, Affise will let you generate a short URL for a standard Affise tracking URL.

The feature also allows you to access the ShortLink generation history. You can see ten previously generated URLs with parameters and macros used while generating. You can also check the full instruction.

Providing users access to all tools in one place — that’s what Affise keeps up. Create short links, track your traffic, monitor your marketing campaign’s results, and increase conversions with the tools that our platform offers.

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