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News — 09 May 2023

Affise Top 10 Features
Released in 2021

Affise Top Features-2021

2021 has become the year of changing ways and adjusting to the new normal in every aspect, including marketing. We explored new opportunities and channels, prepared for the cookieless era, made new partnerships, and released new features. 

The Affise team used every chance to improve your experience with our platform and your marketing results further. The climax point of this journey is a SOC 2 Type II Certification we got in December, after eleven months of streamlining processes, enhancing security, and advancing technology.

To achieve it, we launched loads of new features. Though all of them are aimed at helping you achieve success, we’ve picked the top-10 most important and valuable updates. Please, meet them and add them to your marketing routines in 2022.

Advanced Anti-fraud

With the projected total losses of $100 billion by 2023, the ad fraud problem is nothing to sneeze at. As fraudulent strategies and tactics become trickier, advertisers and networks need more robust anti-fraud solutions to keep their clients and marketing budgets sound.

To provide the game-changing protection from performance marketing fraud, Affise partnered with 24metrics, the authors of Fraudshield – industry-leading fraud detection algorithms. Thanks to it, our updated anti-fraud solution can analyze conversions through a broad list of filters, such as duplicate IPs or bot-like behavior. It allows Affise advanced anti-fraud to detect fraudulent activities with unprecedented accuracy.

Affise advanced fraud detection lets you:

  • Automatically decline fraudulent conversions without paying publishers for them; 
  • Get detailed reports to spot affiliates that tend to provide fraudulent traffic;
  • Help advertisers make data-driven decisions with in-depth reports on the quality of conversions.
Affise advanced anti-fraud

Affise Checker

Traffic is be-all-and-end-all in affiliate marketing, and it’s especially painful to lose such a valuable resource to broken links. To help network managers keep URLs on point, we released Affise Checker.

This link checking tool can work both manually and automatically. Using a manual checker, you can test separate links and see a detailed redirects path to its destination. The automatic checker will work better for those who have to process hundreds or thousands of offers – it monitors the offers according to the setting that a user configures.

Apart from running tests, Affise Checker lets network managers get reports on advertiser’s performance, access the statistics on redirects, and select the most profitable campaigns.

Affise checker

View-through Attribution (VTA)

Getting accurate insights on your advertising campaigns’ performance is just as important as securing your traffic. Thus, in 2021, we added view-through attribution to Affise’s robust tracking set. 

Most advertisers rely on click-through attribution to evaluate their campaigns performance. However, marketers need view-through attribution to get a clearer picture of user behavior before completing a target action. It helps attribute conversion to the ad when a user didn’t perform the desired action immediately.

View-through attribution allows you to spot high-converting ads and channels more accurately, understand user behavior more clearly and adjust your future campaigns to it, and boost revenue by working with more large and representative advertisers.

Affise view-through attribution

Promo Codes Tracking

Promo codes are a valuable part of marketing strategy not only for eCommerce but also for most B2C and B2B businesses. They help attract customers, increase order value, retain buyers, and prevent churn.

Yet, brands and advertisers need technology at their side to make the most of promo codes. Thus, we released a promo code tracking solution; it lets you generate coupons for specific affiliates one by one or in bulk. 

There’s an option to set the promo code schedule to create limited-time offers and prevent your affiliates from occasionally sharing outdated coupons. Also, you can limit the number of conversions on a particular promo code.

Affise promo codes tracking

Bulk Actions

When you manage thousands of offers or partners, automation is everything. The surefire way to save time on routine operations in this case is bulk actions, which we released in 2021. 

Bulk actions on the advertisers’ list enable you to add or delete affiliates from the advertiser list in one click. Also, this feature is available for offers; it allows you to select, assign, add, replace or delete one or multiple items across multiple offers with a single action.

You can use bulk actions to:

  • Update general and personal payouts and conditions the commission is based on;
  • Apply changes to caps within one tab;
  • Assign particular affiliates or the entire groups to the relevant campaigns; Change status and privacy level for campaigns in bulk;
  • Assign managers to hundreds of affiliates in a few clicks.

Affise BI Updates

One step further to make your work in the Affise platform more efficient is optimizing the data you need to manage. To nail it, we have Affise BI – a set of instruments allowing you to manage unstructured data from various channels. Last year, we improved it with new integrations.

First, we’ve integrated Affise BI with Appsflyer – a Saas, which provides a broad scope of best-in-class tools for mobile attribution, analytics, fraud protection, etc. Thanks to it, you can access all the data from Appsflyer in an easy-to-understand report inside the Affise platform. This integration lets you conveniently browse through data and compare metrics from several sources at ease and share this information with your partners.

Later, Affise BI got one more new integration with a major advertising solution – Google Ads. Apart from enabling you to see all data in one place in visualized and structured reports, this integration provides additional values. Namely, Google does not let marketers use third-party links, hindering tracking clicks and conversions. Affise BI coupled with a solution for Parallel tracking eliminates this problem.

Affise BI Google ads


It’s hard to overestimate the importance of UTM parameters for tracking performance. But the problem is UTM codes turn links into enormous ghastly-looking clusters of symbols. Meanwhile, shorter links are easier to remember and type later, and this factor can affect your campaign performance dramatically.

To solve the UTM parameters problem, we released a ShortLink feature allowing you to generate short links inside the Affise platform. Apart from turning huge URLs into neat and concise ones, the feature provides access to the link generation history.

Affise Shortlinks

Direct Tracking

If you choose the marketing buzzword of the year, it has to be “cookieless.” The death of third-party cookies enhances user privacy online. Still, it deprives marketers of the data they need to track performance and fine-tune marketing campaigns. Throughout the whole year, we’ve been elaborating the ways to provide you with all the data you need in the cookieless era.

Alongside Probabilistic attribution,  SKADNetwork integration, and Server Parallel Tracking, we’ve launched direct tracking. This feature lets you monitor the user behavior and campaign performance without third-party cookies with or without using click ID.

CPC&CPM Payouts

One of the most-requested Affise innovations is the payment system extension. Last year, Affise users got the opportunity to take advantage of CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) campaigns. You can switch to the new methods from the Payouts section with a single click.

New payment methods are reflected in Statistics reports and available in the Affiliate panel, so you and your partners can have a full view of the payouts. Moreover, various payment methods can be combined in one campaign, which is convenient for agencies and networks.

Affise CPC&CPM Payouts

KPI Automation

Reaching your advertising campaign KPIs may be challenging and time-consuming, but the right optimization tool alleviates this task. Affise already had CR Automation and Click Automation features to help you optimize customer acquisition. In 2021, we extended this set of instruments with KPI automation.

This instrument allows you to spot the audience that is most interested in your ads and prone to perform the desired action. All you need to do is set up the KPI rule with an action-to-action rate. Affise will block all partners or traffic sources that are not performing according to the rule.

Affise KPI Automation

2021 brought a lot of new Affise features aimed at helping you achieve your business goals and making marketers’ day-to-day life easier. Take advantage of these tools to improve your marketing results or find out other opportunities Affise provides for it – contact your manager.

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