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Affise BI Integration with AppsFlyer: Click Signing

News — 08 May 2023

Click Signing to Prevent
Click Spam

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Affise BI Integration with AppsFlyer: Click Signing

Affise BI & AppsFlyer Integration Preview

The mission of Affise has always covered developing solutions for in-depth and predictive analytics and automation of all kinds of operational aspects. Thus, among the first things a long time ago, Affise integrated with mobile attribution trackers for ad networks to track install and post-install events. And we are not standing still. Our goal is to introduce a unified space where marketers can easily access data on their ad campaigns and make data-driven decisions without leaving one window.

We recently introduced Affise BI, a set of instruments, services, and digital products to manage unstructured data from various marketing channels effortlessly. The first tool to integrate into the Affise BI was AppsFlyer. Affise BI service collects data from AppsFlyer through API, aggregates, and shows it in a dedicated statistics section on Affise. More on that here.

If you are an integrated AppsFlyer’s partner, you must have already heard of the Click Signing signature that is designed to prevent click spam.

What is Click Signing?

The Click signing feature provides you an opportunity to sign every single click sent to AppsFlyer. It is an anti-fraud measure that prevents a situation when an ad network isn’t aware of sending fraud traffic to the advertiser. Additionally, click signing also prevents blocking the ad network’s traffic due to click flooding. 

The working principle behind click signing is that a unique token (code) with a specific validity period is attached to a click and sent via the advertiser’s tracking link. If the token is expired or wrong, AppsFlyer will define such clicks as fraud traffic. The blocking of traffic can happen. Here you can read more about the feature. 

How to Enable Click Signing?

You can enable click signing in three simple steps.

Step 1:  Take the API token on AppsFlyer and put it on Affise

Take the API token on AppsFlyer. Go to the Settings section -> Appsflyer -> the API token field and insert the API token. 

Step 2: Choose a mode for Click signing

There are three types of mode configuration:

  • Disable – AppsFlyer doesn’t do click signature validation.
  • Enable – AppsFlyer blocks clicks with invalid or missing signatures.
  • Report only (No rejection) – AppsFlyer validates click signatures but doesn’t block clicks with invalid signatures.

Step 3:  Enable the feature on Affise

You can enable click signing on two levels.

To enable click signing for all offers of a particular advertiser, go to the ‘Advertisers section’ -> ‘Advertisers subsection’ -> ‘Advertiser’s edit page’ -> ‘General tab’:

To enable click signing for a particular offer, go to the ‘Offers section’ -> ‘Offer’s edit page’ -> ‘Tracking tab’:

Tip from AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer recommends setting the mode to ‘Enable’ after running in ‘Report only’ mode for a few hours and checking your reports to ensure the configuration is correct and that all clicks passed signature validation.

For more information follow our instructions on how to enable click signing.

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