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News — 08 May 2023

Connect Your AppsFlyer Data
to Affise

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  • Affise BI integrates with AppsFlyer Pull API

Affise BI integrates with AppsFlyer Pull API

Affise BI is a set of instruments, services, and digital products to manage unstructured data from various marketing channels effortlessly. With the wide range of tools, users, including those without a technical background, can take full advantage of working with data from internal and external sources, hence, making wise, evidence-based business decisions.

As marketers use a great number of tools for different purposes within the digital marketing ecosystem, one of our most important BI solutions comprises the integration with industry partners, namely, advertising and mobile attribution platforms. Therefore, this solution represents Business Intelligence reporting based on raw and aggregated data obtained via API. And the first report we would like to introduce is built on AppsFlyer statistics. 

About AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer leads the market with the wide scope of best-in-class tools for mobile attribution, marketing analytics, fraud protection creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers and partners.

One of many competitive advantages is AppsFlyer’s ability to remain agile and adapt quickly, especially in this uncertain and rapidly changing privacy-centric environment. AppsFlyer provides excellent user experience and comprehensive analytics while ensuring privacy protection. 

AppsFlyer Statistics Report in Affise

In layman’s terms, Affise BI service collects data from AppsFlyer through API, aggregates and shows it in a dedicated Statistics section on Affise. The report includes the following slices: Date, Event name, Media source, Campaign, Country, City, Language, Platform, App ID.

Every slice provides information on various metrics, such as clicks, impressions, installs, in-app events, revenue, etc. 

Affise & AppsFlyer integration enables Affise’s clients to:

  • See statistics from AppsFlyer without leaving Affise platform;
  • Have data on several applications within one report;
  • Compare data from 2 data sources at ease;
  • Have a deep understanding of traffic sources performance;
  • Share information with your affiliates in the most convenient way.

Integration Setup

There are a few simple steps to connect to your AppsFlyer account:

First step. Go to the Marketplace, choose AppsFlyer and insert your API KEY and app id’s.

Second step. On the next day, open Statistics and check AppsFlyer’s tab.

Please note that Affise updates data once a day due to AppsFlyer API limits.

Important: You will see data only if the application is accessible via API.

Why to adopt Business Intelligence?

If you are still considering whether to adopt BI tools and practiсes, here is a list of the main drivers:

  • Don’t guess, use all your business data and make data-driven decisions;
  • Give your team self-service access to data and every employee will gather a wealth of actionable insights for their work;
  • Cut analysis time through monitoring data from multiple sources in one dashboard;
  • Enhance your partnerships with fast and accurate reporting due to better data quality;
  • Identify market trends with predictive analytics and increase your competitive advantage.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to get access to the entire range of our BI products.

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