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News — 23 Jun 2022

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  • Affise Is Listed As TOP Affiliate Marketing Solution

Affise Is Listed As TOP Affiliate Marketing Solution

Team of experts from FinancesOnline has been working devotedly to examine hundreds of marketing softwares on the market to select top solutions on the basis of their comprehensiveness, mobility, ease-of-use, robust features, unique inclusions, as well as value for money. And now we feel so proud to announce that Affise performance marketing platform is in the list of TOP 20 Affiliate Marketing Software Solutions of 2018 and is highly evaluated by FinancesOnline Media!

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Last year this reputed software review platform featured our product in a detailed Affise review, where their experts enthusiastically analyzed how our clients benefit from using our performance marketing solution. After they carefully reviewed all our features, Affise was rewarded with 2 prestigious awards delivered by FinancesOnline: Rising Star Award for 2017 and Great User Experience Award.


According to their experts, Affise has exactly what you’d expect from a quality solution, as it lets users work in an intuitive interface, and provides them with all necessary features to manage advertising campaigns efficiently. What they also appreciated was the innovative approach adopted by our development team, which will help you to save up to 90% as we don’t charge for clicks, and will manage to automate a lot of processes thanks to a unique feature by Affise, CPAPI.

Experts agreed that Affise clients are leveraging the best of CPA technologies including advanced offers, affiliate management system, automation technologies, unique smart links, caps, and bids among others.

Try Affise for free and enjoy total flexibility and versatility you just can’t find anywhere else.

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