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Referral Marketing

Affise presents referral marketing platform to manage referrals, track their results and optimize word-of-mouth marketing to increase your affiliate sales.

Launch a program

Gain new customers through existing ones

Launch a program

Launch a program

Reward your customers and ambassadors

Reward your customers and ambassadors

Get new customers

Get new customers

Boost Brand Affinity

Boost Brand Affinity

Bubble - Referral Marketing Platform
Bubble - Referral Marketing Platform

Influence of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

For Brands, loyal customers are the most
powerful channel of marketing

One recommendation - great impact

Increase people’s trust and monetize their reviews

Creating community

Maintain a high customer lifetime loyalty with the fans of your product

Suggestion as a decisive factor

Grow your business launching your own distinct Affiliate network

Why Affise referral program software?
Benefits with us:

For Brands

  • Easy-to-use referral tracking software customized in accordance with your brand style
  • Total Budget Control
  • 24/7 Support & your personal Account Manager
  • Comprehensive statistics and analytics
  • Integrations with CRM, Billing and BI services
  • AI tools to automate your working routine

For Brands' Advocates

  • Individual accounts with intuitive design
  • Statistics and analytics reports on their performance
  • Convenient communication system to be in touch with Brand representatives
  • Secure Payment System
  • Opportunity to take part in contests and get special offers and bonuses
Bubble - Referral Marketing Platform

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