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How Zorka.Mobi migrated to Affise for higher revenue and extended analytics?

2 mln

Volumes and monthly turnover


Employees worldwide in 4 offices

4 years


4 offices


Zorka.Mobi is a creative mobile performance agency, that has been on the market since 2014 and has impressively expanded since that time.

Zorka.Mobi offers a full range of mobile marketing services – from strategy development to its execution with tools like Influencer Marketing, CPI/CPA media buying, remarketing campaigns and their own affiliate network.

The challenges

Previously for online tracking of their advertising campaigns Zorka.Mobi worked with another performance marketing platform, HasOffers. While the core function was carried out, there were a few things that didn’t satisfy Zorka.Mobi.

Among those things was an obsolete, not user-friendly interface, which was further lacking important for the client features. What came as a more bothering factor was little statistical data and lack of important settings for mobile advertisement. And in general, there was an occasional inherit clumsiness of the platform with lack of efficient support if anything breaks.

The support system was one of the milestones which urgently needed to be improved.


As a solution, Affise offered their tracking platform that still implements the same initial function, but at the same time has the features that Zorka.Mobi was lacking while working with the previous vendor.

The most beneficial feature that the client found at that time was prompt and responsive support service. From the onset, Affise provided Zorka.Mobi with a Custom Success manager, who led them on all stages. CS manager was also there to ensure that the client was using the platform at the fullest capability and if needed to connect with 24/7 technical support.

Further we allowed the following operations that Zorka.Mobi was missing with the previous vendor:

  • a simple way of editing offers’ descriptions, what was more accessible for all users in comparison to the prior need to write always in HTML;
  • convenient communication and requests submission through tickets system with comments option;
  • extended statistics that provided them with all needed data points;
  • option to set up postbacks for partners independently and edit conversions in the statistics part.


Affise turned out to be the platform that carried out the needed core functionality and provided additional elements, that the client was missing in cooperation with the previous vendor.

Zorka.Mobi’s turnover from the first month working with Affise increased by 35% due to the low-conversion In-App traffic. By the end of 2018, the percentage of In-App traffic raised to 65% and is now the largest in terms of turnover and the most stable part of the affiliate program.

Zorka.Mobi admitted that they would not be able to build their business working with the previous pattern - paying for clicks. Especially at the time of a low conversion rate of traffic, the payment model offered by Affise, paying for conversions, is priceless.

“Despite the fact that Affise was at the market for a little time back then, we received the needed service with an even better speed of work and quality functional.
The most beneficial feature that we found at that time was prompt and responsive support service. For the first time, we were not alone with our problems and there were people who would do everything to solve any issues that we might have. There was no other platform that would offer the same level of service.”
Oleg Gorelik
Oleg Gorelik Head of Affiliate

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