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How FPK Marketing Monetized Non-Targeted Traffic And Increased Revenue By 12%

FPK marketing

FPK Marketing is a performance-based digital marketing company that provides solutions for advertisers looking to attract high-quality target visitors to their apps and mobile-optimized campaigns, as well as publishers aiming to monetize their traffic. Learn how Affise helped the company to automate daily operations, run effective marketing campaigns, and grow revenue.

FPK Marketing was looking for a platform with advanced features to set up and automate business processes and operations, leaving time to build a trusting and collaborative relationship with advertisers and affiliates.

Affise tools enabled FPK Marketing to create the most effective campaigns with the right traffic source for a particular advertiser's offer. The platform is so intuitive and easy to use that FPK marketing onboarded new employees in just one day, reduced unwanted or low quality traffic by 4x in six months, and increased monthly sales by 10-12%.

Read the full case study to learn which Affise tools helped FPK Marketing reduce its workload and achieve its goals.

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