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How to Increase Profit 5 Times In Half a Year: Case Study of Affiliate-mob

The work in affiliate marketing is much about routine, mechanical and manual tasks. Managers of CPA and CPI networks spend a lot of time on adding hundreds and thousands of offers, configuring all the necessary parameters, integrating with affiliate networks, unifying all the data, partners and systems and so on. Even though some affiliate programs do allow integrating through API, it doesn’t prove to be a real solution. Supporting API and dealing with technical failures require an enormous amount of labor force. It’s obvious that in this case you not only overpay but also get distracted from the things that really matter. Instead of making money you have to think about technical tasks.

Company background

Affiliate-mob is one of the biggest mobile ad networks. On a par with AppMyDay and La-Boutique, it’s founded by Phonder Technologies LTD with its own CPI and CPA tracking link validator, AffiliTest.


As Affiliate-mob grew, they realized that they need new, more advanced platform to scale along with them. Their managers were spending too much time on adding hundreds of offers, configuring all the necessary parameters, integrating with affiliate networks, unifying all the data, partners and systems and so on. So Affiliate-mob decided to automate the processes of pulling offers instead of hiring additional manpower. Besides, they created its own solution for CPI and CPA tracking, AffiliTest, and wanted to integrate it into the platform.


Affise has appeared to be the very platform Affiliate-mob has been looking for. API functionality, tracking, targeting, Smart Links and credibility of the platform have proven to be a real solution for Affiliate-mob in their performance. Affise has given them the ability to integrate with numerous partners on different platforms just with a few clicks. 24/7 Support Team has been helping to run all the processes without any difficulties, as well as provides experienced assistance in installing their solution for CPI and CPA tracking, Affilitest.


The experience of Affiliate-mob proves that affiliate network can achieve an exponential growth thanks to automation system. After a half-a-year work with Affise platform, they managed to increase their profit 5 times.


Affise provides all the users with a unique tool, CPAPI, which makes reselling much simpler and easier. Thanks to CPAPI Affiliate-mob mob totally automated the process of pulling offers. After specifying the margin and reselling parameters, just in a few clicks they grab the offers, unite, sync and unify all the data, systems and partners. All the rest is done automatically. Thanks to automated triggers Affiliate-mob no longer analyses and transfers offers manually, that’s why the possibility of human errors is avoided. It not only maximizes KPI of the organization, but also doesn’t require so much labor forces. Now they operate with almost 100 000 offers from 34 advertisers. All of them are synchronized to the system automatically.

Custom solutions implementation

Making Affise and your own custom solutions work together is so easy, and the integration is really smooth. Affiliate-mob developed and implemented the system that automatically analyses all the offers coming from advertisers. First of all, it separates the offers on the base of KPI requirements: if the offer isn’t profitable, the system doesn’t accept them for reselling. Second, if one of the advertiser’s requirements is receiving only direct traffic, such offers will not be available for affiliates to resell.

Besides, Affiliate-mob is running two scripts with their own solution called AffiliTest. It scans every new offer for its workability: if AffiliTest finds it not valid, the system is pausing it. AffiliTest appeared to be the most important scripts implemented. It not only saves their traffic, but also makes CR up to 5 times higher.

Automated Fraud control

As 99,9% of the offers immediately becomes available even to the new affiliates and they don’t need additional permission to start working with them, Fraud protection is playing significant role in process effectiveness. Luckily, Fraudshield scores all the conversions automatically: if any suspicious activities or conversions come from a particular affiliate, the offer will be blocked for the suspect for 24 hours. This affiliate receives an alert message, and provided he continues his ineligible activities, the affiliate will be taken out of play for longer time.

Smart Link

Working with thousands of offers usually means creation of the same amount of advertising campaigns. CPAPI by Affise helps to minimize the efforts by creating only one Smart Link. Affiliates just grab the Smart Link, and Affise sends traffic automatically to various offers in various affiliate programs that you are reselling. Using the technology of machine learning, Smart Link chooses the offers itself thus making the maximum profit on certain traffic. This is the way everybody gets the highest possible ROI.

“As we are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow and improve our business, we should be so lucky that we have met Affise team that introduced us their solution. With this platform we have managed to implement our own custom solutions as well as have taken advantages of their services. Before switching to Affise, we have tried several softwares. And we couldn’t be happier now to work with Affise. It’s the most intuitive affiliate system we have ever worked with. Super user-friendly, smart and fast. Affise is made for winners and that’s exactly what we are striving for.”

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