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Updates — 08 May 2023

Double Your Revenue with Affise Upgraded Smartlinks

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Double Your Revenue with Affise Upgraded Smartlinks

Earning more while putting in the same or even less effort may sound unrealistic, as one of those ads promising to make you rich overnight. But that’s another story. In this article we will prove that as an advertiser you can double your earnings with little or no effort on the example of our recently updated Smartlinks.

It’s been a while since we first launched Smartlinks. The capabilities of machine learning have greatly evolved since then. And today we’re proud to announce the biggest upgrade since the initial release of Affise Smartlinks.

But first, what are Smartlinks?

Before we move further, let us briefly review what Smartlinks are and why they matter in affiliate marketing. 

Smartlink is a URL link that contains multiple offers and serves to distribute traffic to the correct offer based on detailed targeting, such as traffic source, geo, browser, device, operating system, etc.

In other words, affiliates can send traffic to a single Tracking URL without choosing a specific offer. The Smartlink algorithm detects offers with the highest EPC potential among those that match the targeted audience. This distribution maximizes EPC and CR with the efficiency unachievable solely with human judgement.

In our side-by-side tests with a vast amount of real traffic, new Smartlinks’ logic showed an enormous improvement compared to the previous version: up to five times higher conversion rate and up to twice higher EPC. Further, in some tests EPC from Smartlinks turned out to be higher than traffic sent to offers manually chosen by affiliates.

New Smartlinks' logic showed an enormous improvement: up to five times higher CR and up to twice higher EPC.

What makes Smartlinks so Smart?

So what does particularly distinguish the new algorithm from the previous one? Let’s dig a bit into the details:

  • 1
    Now Smartlinks targeting takes into account a much broader list of parameters including: all caps, all parameters in targeting groups, personal targeting, affiliate permissions.
  • 2
    Smartlinks search for the most perspective offer for every click understanding the difference in traffic behavior based on the following variables:
  • Smartlink the traffic was sent to
  • Stand-alone performance of every affiliate
  • General performance of each offer
  • Country and OS of every click
  • 3 New Smartlinks monitors changes in offers’ performance
  • In the event of changes on an advertiser side EPC can drop even for a perfectly performing offer. Same happens if a Tracking URL in an offer becomes unavailable. Smartlink uses a floating window for all the calculations and will notice a change over a period. As a result, it will automatically reduce an amount of traffic allocated on this offer. Thereby, it lowers the risk of EPC decrease and doesn’t burden account managers with the need to constantly monitor offers availability.
  • 4 Smartlinks  choose the amount of traffic necessary to gather data
  • Not always there is enough data for thoughtful decisions. Smartlink determines the amount of traffic required for gaining knowledge about offers’ performance.
  • After it is able to calculate EPC for all the offers it improves its own suggestions.
  • This enables even newly added Offers to easier achieve a traffic they deserve.
  • 5 Massive improvement in performance
  •  Now Smartlinks effortlessly handle hundreds of millions clicks a day even with thousands of offers in rotation

Sounds intriguing. But where can I apply them?

All the mentioned above makes Smartlinks a perfect solution for using as a Trafficback. We strongly recommend using it as Global Trafficback adding all of your offers to a single Smartlink. This will allow you to earn from traffic that otherwise would be just wasted.

You also can set up your own Smartlinks based on Vertical or any other logic that you prefer. After you’re done, it will be visible to your Affiliates in the Smartlinks section of the partner interface. You just need to promote it accordingly.

In some of our tests Smartlink showed even higher EPC than traffic sent to offers manually chosen by affiliates!

How do I start using Smartlinks?

Smartlinks become more advanced, but from the interface perspective nothing changed so far – these are the same Smartlinks you’re already familiar with.

Have you already used Smartlinks feature at Affise? Then no major changes from your affiliates are required. They can continue using the same Tracking URLs, while the new algorithm will do the rest.

In case you are not familiar with Smartlinks yet, check our knowledge base for a thorough guide on setting them up.

New Smartlinks are already available to the first clients and will be entirely rolled out by the middle of July. Wanna be among the first? Contact your Customer Success Manager!

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