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Affise and 24metrics Introduce the Game Changing Advanced Anti-fraud A Guide to Cookieless Tracking_s

Updates — 09 May 2023

Affise and 24metrics Partner for Advanced Anti-fraud

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Affise and 24metrics Introduce the Game Changing Advanced Anti-fraud

Fraudulent traffic is considered to be one of the most annoying problems in affiliate marketing for a reason. It’s hardly surprising. What can be more unpleasant than paying affiliates for conversions that do not generate real revenue for affiliate networks and advertisers?

Affiliate fraud is more than meets the eye in terms of wasting their marketing budgets. Some advertisers may mistakenly assume that fraudsters steal just a tiny bit of your profits, but real numbers can come as a shock. Juniper Research forecasts  digital advertisers’ total losses due to fraud to reach $100 billion by 2023. Considering its growth from $3.9 billion in 2017 to $42 billion in 2019, the forecast sounds rather realistic. 

Yet, you can’t avoid fraud while doing business online unless you take measures that would protect your business and clients against fraudsters. Many established advertisers consider using anti-fraud solutions essential for starting a partnership with a network. The same applies to top tier affiliates when they join a partner program.

Affise and 24metrics introduce Advanced Anti-fraud

Since the very beginning, we paid sufficient attention to fraud prevention and developed a series of features networks and advertisers could use. But as with anything else, we are ready to take it further. We’re proud to announce our partnership with 24metrics, the authors of Fraudshield – industry leading fraud detection algorithms. The 24metrics advanced fraud prevention solution finally makes dealing with fraudulent conversions as simple as it’s meant to be!

What problems does 24metrics solve?

24metrics multilayer approach to fraud detection makes it possible to analyze conversions through a broad list of filters including:

  • Duplicate IPs
  • Duplicate Device IDs
  • Bot-like behavior
  • VPN/Proxies
  • Third Party Rejection
  • Sub ID Validity Check
  • Old OS/Browser, etc.

This enables it to detect potentially fraudulent conversions with an unprecedented accuracy.

With advanced fraud detection you can:

  • Save money by automatically declining fraudulent conversions, without having to pay publishers for them. 
  • Examine detailed reports to detect which affiliates tend to provide fraudulent traffic the most, which may make you change conditions with an affiliate or reconsider the partnership at all.
  • Use explicit reports in your negotiations with advertisers – make your relationships more trustworthy, having an independent proof of your conversions not being fraudulent. With the conversion reports you have clear and transparent reasons for every rejected conversion.

How to start with the 24metrics Advanced Anti-fraud at Affise?

1. Enable Advanced Anti-fraud

To let you feel all the convenience of this new feature and examine in detail all the benefits it provides we offer a free trial. You can use Advanced Anti-fraud for free during 30 days or 250 000 analyzed conversions. The offer is valid for all current Affise customers.

 You can use advanced anti-fraud for free during 30 days or 250 000 analyzed conversions!          

To enable the integration with 24metrics, you need to go to Automation > Advanced Anti-fraud, read the feature description and pricing, agree with T&C, and that’s it. You are ready to start with the 24metrics advanced fraud prevention.

“Enabling the integration with 24metrics requires literally two clicks.”

2. Set up rules for fraud prevention

Once you’ve enabled Advanced Anti-fraud, you can set up rules to match your requirements:

  • Choose Advertisers/Offers that you need to pay extra attention to;
  • Choose Affiliates that you suspect and want to check against fraudulent traffic;
  • Pick the most appropriate detection strategy based on the type of offers that you’re running;
  • Select the risk probability that you consider unaffordable to automatically decline suspicious conversion.

After this step, the setup is all done, and the 24 metrics analysis is already running over conversions matching the set rules.

3. Check the statistics

You can get the detailed reports right in the Affise statistics section that you are already familiar with. Go to Statistics > Fraud Report.

The Common slice represents the overview that includes also the existing Affise fraud prevention tools, such as session lifespan and duplicate IPs.

This slice is available to all our clients no matter if they use Advanced Anti-fraud or not. Customers who also use Advanced Anti-fraud will be able to see the information about conversions that were automatically declined by Advanced Anti-fraud.

The Advanced slice is a Risk level slice available only to Advanced Anti-fraud users. It displays the details on:

  • How many conversions were analyzed with Advanced Anti-fraud;
  • How many of analyzed conversions were marked as potentially fraudulent;
  • How many of them were automatically declined;
  • The distribution of conversions by risk levels.

Both slices support grouping the data by Affiliate, Advertiser and Offers, or any combination of those. This enables you to perform any analysis you consider necessary.

That’s it. One thing is that it is simple, the other that it is convenient to use. You have access to all your data collected at one dashboard within the Affise interface. And as for the Advanced Anti-fraud itself, try it – it wouldn’t take you long to see the result and feel the difference it makes to your affiliate business.

Experience Advanced Anti-fraud solution in practice. Start your trial now to see how different affiliate management can be when fraud detection is automated.

*to start the trial go to the automation section of your account. Or contact your Customer Success manager.

Not a user yet? No problem. Contact us, and we will assist with opening you a trial.

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