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Tips & Guides — 25 May 2022

India & APAC

Affiliate Marketing in India and APAC: Challenges and Trends

With the growing internet and digital penetration, brands all over the world now realise that Digital is the way forward. And Indian market is no exception. Moreover, India is ranked second in terms of internet consumption with its more than 500 million internet users. The same situation is in the APAC region. Many countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, are following the same trends.

We caught up with Srinand Sridharan, Affise’s Head of India and APAC, to learn about digital opportunities for brands to reach out to their customers.


Sinand Sridharan, Head of India and APAC, Affise

What are the peculiarities of the Indian market comparing to other countries?

Every country/region is unique and has certain characteristics that may not be present elsewhere. Also, since India is still in the growth phase of performance marketing, comparing it with its more mature counterparts in the US or Europe, it presents us with a great opportunity to bring in learnings from the other markets and share it with the industry here. This allows the Indian companies to “jump the curve”.

What challenges do performance and affiliate marketers face in India & APAC? How does Affise address these challenges?

As mentioned earlier, India is still in its growth phase when it comes to Performance Marketing. The maturity level of the market often dictates and determines the way the industry shapes up, especially when there are examples of great growth coming in from other markets. The problems faced here are no-different from the ones faced in other countries in similar market growth trajectories.

With a global outreach and in-depth understanding of what the industry needs, Affise is uniquely positioned to help our Indian customers come up-to-speed by providing cutting-edge features that assist our customers in taking advantage of the opportunity.

What trends do you see in these markets?

Digital Marketing, especially Affiliate based Performance Marketing is still in its infancy in the whole of the region. There is potential for immense growth across the region.

How do you see yourself in a competitive market like India, with other established players already in the segment catering to the same set of clients?

Before Affise came into affiliate marketing industry in 2015, there was a number of service providers that offered their performance marketing solutions to the industry players. These solutions worked pretty well for some time. But eventually affiliate marketing industry grew up. The imperfections of the software that existed on the market could no longer allow affiliate marketers to work efficiently and maximize their profits.

The pricing policies were also too rigid and could not be economically efficient for all the market players. The industry was waiting for a change and Affise has made this change possible. Riding on our technology and industry expertise we’ve completely changed the pricing model of the industry. And, thanks to our various unique in-built tools, we made it possible to automate a number of processes for affiliate marketers thus making their work easier and much more profitable.

What are your plans for India and are you also looking at other markets in APAC?

In the last few months of our direct presence in India, we have seen a huge interest and uptake of our tracking platform with 20-25% customers’ increase monthly. As we see similar results from the rest of the markets in the region as well, we identified a great potential for future mutually-beneficial development here. Along with the growth of Indian digital market there is a growing demand for new solutions to optimize the work of affiliate marketers. That is why we set up new offices in this region, so that we can provide great quality customer service and improve it to perfection. We are striving to achieve our main goal – to become a #1 performance marketing solutions and a reliable partner to all the industry players in India, as well as in APAC.

What is your forecast for 2019? How will the industry change in India/APAC regions?

2019 is already looking to break all our previous records. We have been acquiring customers at an ever increasing pace and they are all growing month-on-month.

Can you give a brief testimonial & message to the affiliate marketing industry stakeholders in India and the Asia-Pacific?

It goes without saying, that affiliate marketing is still dealing with tons of challenges. The industry is now combating with a great amount of routine and manual tasks, mechanical work and, increasing Fraud. Affise has come to the market to address these challenges with a completely new approach. Our SaaS model, combined with the power of “Pay only for Conversions”, is a paradigm shift that is beneficial for all the players of the ecosystem: Networks, Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers.

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