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Affise Reach – March 2022 Updates


– An alternative to S2S integration for postbacks. To create conversions you only need to implement a piece of JS code into the success page of your website related to meaningful events.

– Now you can make sure that clicks reach the right page and that postbacks from your service work correctly before making your campaign available to publishers. Check the Tracking settings tab in the campaign setup.

– The list of the publishers that brought you the most value is now available in the dashboard. Easy to reach them and propose new campaigns or individual conditions.

– A confirmation pop-up when leaving a page of the campaign setup that you made changes on will help you to avoid losing unsaved changes.


– Opportunity to set up postbacks and send information about conversions created or conversions status changes.

– Review the postbacks that were sent with their results. Will help to figure out the data that may got lost.

– Filter the campaigns list by all criteria of the demanded traffic including OS, country, vertical, and traffic source. Will help you find the ideal match.

– Added 12 additional parameters available only to you and not to an advertiser to the flow of creating a tracking link. Will allow you to optimize your traffic.


– Save the presets of the custom statics slices including the chosen rows, columns, and applied filters. Tools for your specific needs are right at your fingertips.

– Customize time, date, and numbers format in the interface and in statistics.

– Your private manager contacts are now visible in the interface. You can contact him with 1 click.


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