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Tips & Guides — 06 Apr 2022

How to Integrate Partner Marketing with Email Marketing

How to Get Leads from Email Marketing Partnerships

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There is safety in numbers, they say. This age-old adage becomes a key to success when we talk about digital marketing. The point is, various marketing channels drive better results when they work together and reinforce each other. Thus, you can reap more benefits from partner and affiliate marketing if you thoughtfully integrate it with other marketing efforts.

To make every dollar spent on partner marketing go further, consider joining it with email marketing. Why? First of all, email marketing allows you to access an enormous audience — over 4 billion people use this communication channel every day, and the number is predicted to grow.

Moreover, this channel is considered to be one of the most effective for customer acquisition and retention — 80% of marketers deem it to be that way. So, combining it with affiliate and partner marketing can boost your sales and conversion rates dramatically. 

When potential affiliates use email marketing, it may bring great results. Businesses say this marketing channel brings $42 for every $1 spent on it. Considering that sending emails is cheaper than running PPC campaigns, this marketing strategy is also cost-effective. So, if you haven’t employed affiliate email marketing yet, consider giving it a try. To get the ball rolling, stick to the following tactics.

1. Find Affiliates that Employ Email Marketing

The good news is that more and more people want to earn income with affiliate marketing. They work in numerous niches and employ various marketing channels, including content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. Thus, you have plenty of publishers to choose from. However, finding the right ones for you can be a conundrum.

To start with marketing partnerships, think of the places you can look for affiliate partners.  If you struggle with this task, we encourage you to learn more about Affise Reach – a partnership marketing platform where you can connect with brands, content creators, influences, and publishers around the world.

Remember to set the criteria for potential publishers you want to cooperate with. The main of them is the niche your affiliates operate in and the size of their email list. Apart from it, you may filter partners according to their location, experience in affiliate and email marketing, and so on.

2. Choose the Offers to Promote

Once you’ve found suitable publishers, make contact with them and discuss the types of offers you’d like to promote. To make your email marketing campaigns win-win for all parties, make sure your offers fit the following criteria:

  • They are profitable for your affiliates. Hoping for great affiliate commissions, your partners put more time and creativity into crafting enticing email design, catchy subject lines, quality relevant content, and high-converting CTAs. It, in turn, drives better email campaign results.
  • They are relevant to you and your publishers’ niches. Choosing offers to promote, make sure they fit the subscribers’ needs and interests. Thus, you can count on your brand awareness boost, positive attitude towards your products and services, and higher conversion rates.
  • They are evergreen. This condition allows you to build an effective email marketing strategy with low effort. Evergreen offers drive a consistent influx of new customers without the need for changing email sequences regularly.

3. Incentivize the Target Audience with Promo Codes

Exclusive offers and discounts are an efficient way to get the most out of your marketing campaigns. This tactic may be especially beneficial for email marketing — emails with coupons have a 48% increase in revenue per message.

Emails with promo codes and coupons work best in eCommerce and highly competitive markets, such as food, beauty, or gadgets. However, b2b businesses with complex products may benefit from this tactic as well. 

To build a successful promotion strategy based on promo codes and coupons, you need an appropriate software solution. Such a tool should help you generate promo codes, apply them automatically for customers, which came from your affiliates and track the efficiency of this tactic. If you wish to add promo codes to your marketing strategy, consider trying a tracking solution from Affise.

4. Ensure Clear Deliverance

One more point to consider is the way publishers deliver your marketing messages and describe your products. It becomes all-in-all important when you’re trying to promote a complex or completely new product. In this case, you need not only to present your brand and product to the target audience but also educate email subscribers about it.

To ensure your publishers deliver your message accurately, provide them with high-quality marketing content. Make sure it answers all the possible questions about your product, your brand, and its values. The ideal solution is to craft your promotional email templates on your own and allow the affiliate to add changes to them.

5. Track the Results of Partner Marketing Campaign

Tracking the results of your marketing efforts is the case when walking an extra mile is appropriate. So, apart from watching conversion rates and leads, try to acquire email marketing campaign results from your affiliates. It will help you get insights on your promotional strategies and messages, protect your affiliate marketing from fraud, and so on.

Here are the metrics you need to keep your eye on:

  • Email deliverability and open rate;
  • Email click-through rate;
  • Bounce rate and number of unsubscribes;
  • Spam complaints;
  • Email sharing/forwarding rates.

And, of course, remember to monitor your partner marketing statistics. Here is where affiliate management software, such as Affise, comes into play. With the help of affiliate marketing platforms, you can look far beyond conversion rates. 

Partner marketing services allow you to learn more about each customer  — their location, device, conversion status, and user agent. Part of this information helps you clarify whether your affiliate is honest with you or employs fraudulent tactics to get false attribution and higher payouts.

Another option is to track the affiliate marketing results for a specific span. With this possibility, you can discover how specific marketing partnerships contribute to your affiliate marketing efforts in general.

Read how to find partners and launch a cross-promotional email campaign.

Wrapping It Up

Integrating your affiliate marketing efforts with email marketing is a surefire way to acquire leads, increase sales, boost ROI, and retain customers. To reap the benefits of co-marketing, you need partners with impressive subscriber lists, relevant offers to promote, enticing incentives, and a reliable software solution at your side.

A partner marketing platform Affise Reach will help you find publishers and partners and foster relationships with them, share your marketing offers, automate routine activities,track campaign results, and more. Don’t take our word for it — request a free trial and test our services.

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