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How to Stop Losing Money on Dead Offers

It might not seem like much on the surface, but deep down, dead offers are doing a heavy damage to your ad campaign, your network, and your business. About 60% of all the offers online are either dead or expired. While every click sent to a dead offer means loss of traffic and money, it would be foolish to take unnecessary risk and not to check the workability of your links.

When there is a problem, there is also a solution. The integration of AffiliTest with Affise has come to provide an exceptional service — automatic CPI offer validation and reporting. With smartphone usage continuing to grow, this is where this collaboration can play a vital role in helping CPI managers optimize their affiliate marketing activity.

AffiliTest is a smart affiliate tracking links validate system that scans every network’s offer for its workability and brings a report of non-working ones.

How does it work?

The user inputs the affiliate/ tracking link they want to check on validity, then specifies the OS and the country where it runs, and click Submit. Within a few seconds, they receive a holistic overview of the tracking link destination pass. Or, in case of invalid offer, they get a proper report, instead.



It is more common when affiliate marketers work with not only one offer, but with thousands of them. The manual test of each offer on their workability proves to be ineffective and time-consuming.


Exclusive integration of AffiliTest with CPAPI by Affise, which makes the bulk pulling of offers a per-second-operation, gives unprecedented visibility into offer landscape.


With AffiliTest integration, the Affise users get a holistic control over the network, as well as the overview of the working and failed offers for each advertiser. Through an intuitive dashboard, the user can understand which advertiser has live and well-performing offers:


And which one operates with lots of dead offers, instead:

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Fast speed and automation are must-haves for profit and success in affiliate marketing. Automated bulk loading of offers might often hide some pitfalls, like pulling expired or dead offers.

Collaboration between Affise and AffiliTest proves to bring exceptional value to the users. With CPAPI by Affise, publishers and advertisers have automated the process of pulling an unbounded set of offers. While AffiliTest guarantees a comprehensive outline of the validity of all these offers.


With the integration of AffiliTest, every dead offer can be easily detected and stopped within a click. Thus, ensure that the users save the traffic and increase their CR.

With AffiliTest the Affise users don’t have to deal with the same manual routine anymore, i.e. search for offers, test their workability and set a bulk of parameters for each of them. Each step of affiliate campaign optimization is now automated and optimized. First of all, with the help of CPAPI, the user pull thousands of partners’ offers within a few seconds. Second, AffiliTest detects and separates all the workable offers from the invalid ones. And, finally, the user creates one SmartLink that, in turn, automatically ‘decides’ which offers will get the traffic with maximized ROI.

With CPAPI, AI-based technology — Smart Links, and dead-offers-detector, AffiliTest, the Affise users get exclusive access to the highest possible ROI.

Learn more about AffiliTest and try Affise for free.

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