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Marketing Tools — 11 May 2020

Choosing DSP
for Advertisers, Media Buyers
and Affiliates

How to Choose the Right DSP: 5 Key Criteria

Demand-side platform (DSP) is a technology system that allows digital advertising inventory buyers to manage their accounts on multiple ad exchanges. Therefore this system can be defined as a platform that brings together various traffic resources, buyers, and sellers in a single interface.

DSPs allow advertisers to bid for inventory across multiple exchanges to run real-time bidding (RTB) campaigns. With a DSP, you have the chance to purchase display, video, native, pop, push, etc. inventory. Whether in-house or working with an agency, advertisers need to understand which platform best suits their needs.

With so many DSPs on the market, it’s important to determine which platform is the best for you. These are 5 major factors to consider when choosing a DSP.


Many demand-side platforms emphasize the reach of their inventory, but in reality, the difference between them is minimal.

There are a huge number of websites selling biddable inventory, and most DSPs have relationships with the biggest and highest quality exchanges. Offering global traffic is also important, but when choosing a DSP, don’t be fooled by the “biggest and best reach” pitch. Inventory quality is as important as reach. You may want to ask the traffic sources while choosing your DSP.

Platform Efficiency and Flexibility

Platform efficiency is key to running effective RTB campaigns. Ease of use, real-time reporting, campaign planning tool, and variety of targeting options are also important. Many DSPs have adapted their tools to fit the needs of advertisers.

Having a self-serve option puts you firmly in control. You can create and fund your account, create and upload creatives to your campaigns, and run these campaigns to bolster your marketing efforts, all without need for approval. A self-serve platform gives you the ability to create, manage, monitor and optimize your own campaigns in real-time.

For example, ReklamStore DSP has all these features, also offers a range of targeting options, including location, device, SSP, browser, domain, placement, IP address, device type, connection type, operating system, carrier, daypart, white-listing, and black-listing.


You should always consider the level of support you’ll get from a DSP. For new advertisers, support on the setup of campaigns may be needed. More experienced teams will likely still find the need for technical assistance at some point.

Advertisers must understand whether there is a cost associated with support, or if a limit to the frequency of support is in place. Also having a dedicated account manager who helps you with all your requests is a lifesaver.

DSP Costs

Every DSP will charge for its service. These are often variable, based on the amount of money being committed to be spent through the system. Usually, the fee is included as a percentage of an advertiser’s CPM bid. Agencies also often have a chance to add a charge within the platform which can get hidden within the CPM.

Many DSPs also require a minimum monthly or annual spend in order to either sign an agreement or maintain the original platform fee rates. At ReklamStore DSP, there is neither entrance or monthly fee nor commitment agreement. The minimum funding amount is just $100 which you can spend all of them on your campaigns.


You know how important data is to digital marketing. The ability to use third-party data audiences to prospect to relevant audiences within RTB campaigns is key.

Many DSPs will highlight the number of audience segments available for purchase within their platform. While a big range is usually important for the “test and learn” process of RTB campaign optimization, the important thing for advertisers is how big the reach is for the audiences which are most likely to convert for them.

Which DSP to Begin With?

While programmatic advertising can be very confusing when starting out or learning new techniques, fortunately, ReklamStore DSP offers excellent support and help you get started maximizing your profit with its premium inventory, global reach, and feature-rich platform.

Plus, for Affise users, ReklamStore offers a 25% bonus on the first deposit! Just use AFFISE25 as coupon code while topping up your account.

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