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Updates — 08 May 2023

Predictive Analytics at Affise

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  • Revenue Prediction: Your Solution For Making Better Data-Driven Decisions

Revenue Prediction: Your Solution For Making Better Data-Driven Decisions

Nowadays, many companies make data-driven decisions based on past events. Managers consider the last-month expenses, the number of successful deals, or traffic they’ve managed to receive. It makes sense, but it seems to be not always enough. 

What we really wish for is to predict future ups and downs, spending, busiest days, etc. Knowing them, marketers can optimize their revenue, cut costs, and avoid losses.

In this regard, Affise Performance introduces the Revenue prediction tool to help you make decisions not only based on the events that happened in the past but also the ones which are about to happen in the future.

What Is Affise Revenue Prediction?

Affise revenue prediction is a tool to forecast revenue for a specific span. Thanks to this feature, Affise customers can estimate their performance in the future instead of relying on past data.

The Revenue prediction tool can be helpful once there is a need to:

  • Be ready for any ups and downs and manage the budget for the upcoming month;
  • Take advantage of capitalizing on some new offer to help offset those months when there might be lulls in sales or any other user’s activities;
  • Identify potential downtimes or the busiest days, which will help to cut the possible losses and up the revenue by planning performance efficiently;
  • Analyze customer patterns to predict customer behavior;
  • Manage cash flow, etc.

How does Affise Revenue prediction work? 

The smart algorithm analyzes your total revenue and performance during the last 18 months and makes a prognosis for the upcoming 11 days with an accuracy of 99,96 %, according to our internal tests. What is more important, our smart algorithm takes into consideration all the busiest days or seasons, weekends, holidays, current trends, possible downtimes and uptimes that occurred in the past to the specific client’s revenue to make the prediction as precise as possible. 

Currently, the predictive model makes a forecast for revenue only:

Forecast your revenue with Affise predictive analytics

The “Revenue prediction” chart is available within the default dashboard and can be easily added to any custom dashboard using the dashboard’s settings if needed:

Forecast your revenue with Affise predictive analytics

Currently, the Revenue prediction feature works only for clients on the Custom pricing plan. Contact your personal manager to enable the revenue prediction.

To sum up 

Modern companies are turning to predictive analysis when they need to uncover new opportunities and forecast possible downtimes or losses to optimize their budget. 

Data forecasting isn’t easy; it’s up to any company to choose how to predict the future and make business-related decisions. But once implemented into the workflow, a forecasting process can offer tremendous advantages to any organization that cares about its expenses and seeks all possible ways to distribute its budget effectively.

Start now to take advantage of Affise Revenue Prediction on your campaigns 

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