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Updates — 08 May 2023

Explore new tracking opportunities with the Affise QR Code

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  • Affise Expands Your Tracking Opportunities And Releases A New QR Code Feature

Affise Expands Your Tracking Opportunities And Releases A New QR Code Feature

Quick Response Codes, known as QR, were first introduced in 1994 by a Japanese company, Denso Wave, which designs and manufactures automatic data collection equipment.

Because they can store much more information than a barcode, QR codes soon started to be introduced in various industries, such as product tracking and item identification.

Nowadays, QR codes are becoming increasingly popular due to the large number of smartphones with cameras that can easily read them and the various ways businesses can employ this source.

Consider, for example, a restaurant that no longer needs to reprint its menu whenever it wants to update it. It only needs to update the website visitors will land after using the QR code of the menu.

What are QR codes used for in partner marketing?

QR codes are a great way to track offline sales, which is especially helpful in partner marketing. They work well for expanding the reach of any partner program by allowing you to promote it on subways, stores, and other physical locations where you can place a QR code.

Thanks to Affise, you can now correctly track and attribute offline sales from QR codes. The flow is the same as regular tracking:

How to use QR Codes in Affise?

Creating campaigns with QR codes in the Affise ecosystem is super easy. You only need to select an offer and affiliate and click on the option “Generate QR code.”

Affise system will generate a QR code that you can use to track all your offline campaigns. Moreover, your partners also can get a QR code from their panel on the offer page.

The QR code contains the same information as the tracking link, so you can pass additional parameters to identify the QR code traffic in the statistics.

QR codes are available for the Scale and Custom plans. Consider contacting your manager to learn more or upgrade your plan.

To sum up

Your business gets an immediate advantage over competitors by employing QR codes, an invaluable feature for tracking offline campaigns. Easy to manage, all the data captured from QR codes go directly to Affise analytics.

Brands and partners benefit from the QR code tracking feature available on Affise Performance. If you want to learn about this feature, talk with one of our Customer Success Managers and join Affise now.

Start using QR codes in your campaigns effortless with Affise Performance

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