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News — 01 Jul 2022

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  • Affise: Came to Rock Affiliate Marketing Industry

Affise: Came to Rock Affiliate Marketing Industry

Now you know Affise as the leading performance marketing platform, which provides comprehensive solutions to customers across the globe. But looking back to 2013, when two future Affise co-founders, Stanisalu and Dmitrii, first met, you can hardly imagine what the industry of affiliate marketing solutions looked like.

Working as founders of their own CPI networks and starting a new affiliate program, each time they were wondering which tracking solution would be the best option for the campaign, but each time they faced the imperfections of the solutions existed on the market. It was 2013, when Dmitrii and Stanislau came up with a dream to create the most efficient solution for affiliate networks that would meet all their requirements and needs. And 2015 has become the year they started to make their dream come true, having released Affise V1.0.

In a short time Affise started to grow, opening new offices all over the world, as the number of the clients has been steadily increasing. We now have offices in 5 countries: Lithuania, Israel, India, Cyprus and Belarus. We offer our clients years of proven reliability, customized technical solutions and unique features such as CPAPI which turns the process of pulling offers into a simple and easy way, and SmartLinks that allow you to work with as many offers as you wish. Over the years we have established the reputation of a trustworthy performance marketing software solution company with a great number of satisfied customers. And we know that this is just the beginning.


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Anastasia Zaichko

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Anastasia Zaichko is a creative B2B marketer, passionate about helping companies achieve their sales, growth and visibility objectives. Weekdays she's all about identifying new opportunities for marketers to grow and get more value from affiliate channel. Weekends include traveling, partying and instagramming about all of the above. She strongly believes in the power of content, networking and the Universe.

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