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Tips & Guides — 23 Feb 2023

6 Reasons Why Affise Reach is Better Than an Affiliate Network

Is Affise Reach an Affiliate Network?

In March 2022, Affise introduced Reach – your solution to drive revenue through partnership marketing. This end-to-end technology helps brands and advertisers access the best affiliates, content creators, and influencers to partner with, build relationships and manage affiliate marketing campaigns. 

This functionality rings the bell for those who have experience in partnership marketing. Isn’t it similar to an affiliate network?

No, Affise Reach is not an affiliate network.

We understand the possible confusion; that’s why we decided to explain the six ways our solution for building partnerships is different from affiliate networks or agencies. Let’s dive in. 


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    We are a technology company first

Affiliate networks are intermediaries between brands and advertisers on the one side and affiliates, content creators, and influencers on the other side. Networks help distribute affiliate offers to a carefully picked set of publishers and manage affiliate marketing campaigns for advertisers. So, running affiliate marketing through a network basically means outsourcing it.

Affise Reach doesn’t provide the actual campaign management service.

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We don’t work as the third party in advertiser-affiliate relationships. Instead, we offer you a no-hassle way to run affiliate campaigns and track their results with full ownership of all these processes. To leverage it, Affise provides the latest digital marketing technology, including multi-channel attribution, advanced analytics, forecasting, and all the tools that brands need to discover partners, foster relationships, manage, analyze, and optimize campaigns.


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    No middlemen or intermediaries

Building partner marketing through affiliate networks is a great way to distribute your affiliate offers faster and make them visible to the large pool of publishers. However, this way doesn’t allow you to directly interact with affiliates and influencers. You can’t pick the partners or share specific offers with top-performers and have to entrust your campaigns’ performance to affiliate networks blindly. 

10-15% of your affiliates create the biggest impact.

Affiliate networks won’t allow you to build direct relationships with them. Affise Reach will. Thanks to our carefully designed ecosystem, you can have unmediated end-to-end interactions with your partners. Leveraging affiliates’ performance data lets you evaluate each partner’s contribution and create long-term connections with top-performers.


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    We allow a full data ownership

Affiliate networks and agencies track your campaign performance thoroughly. However, you don’t have full access to the data they gain. On average, an intermediary is ready to provide you with reports by demand. Still, you can’t track the performance in real-time – there’s always a gap between the moment you framed the request and the moment you get the report.

Affise Reach acts as a CRM, so data will always be yours.

Our platform provides accurate and easy-to-understand analytics, which you can access anytime and transform into intuitive reports. All the data is centralized and safely stored – in 2021, Affise has completed SOC2 Type II certification. It means that our solution is compliant with the most stringent industry standards. Thus, Affise Reach not only safeguards you from data breaches but also ensures the accessibility to the service and data.


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    No conflict of interest

Affiliate networks claim to have your best interests at heart when running advertising campaigns, and it’s not a false promise – they aim to help you reach your KPIs. However, passing your promotional activities to a third party is always risky. Intermediaries make decisions relying on their experience and perspective, which does not always drive the best results for your case. 

Affise Reach lets you make decisions based on unbiased data.

We believe that numbers speak louder than words, and business owners always know what is best for them. Unlimited access to data Affise Reach provides for advertisers helps them get insights in real-time and make data-driven decisions in their best interest. No holdbacks, no distortion, no biases.


  • 5
    Transparent pricing structure

On average, affiliate networks’ pricing structure is complicated. It may include up to a $3k fee for accessing the network, $3k of a deposit for affiliate payouts, and $2.5 for payment processing. Apart from it, a network can charge for the platform’s setup and campaign management. Such complexity makes the pricing structure of most affiliate networks non-transparent.

Affise Reach implies monthly fees for using its features.

We offer three pricing plans with access to various sets of features. The higher the plan, the more advanced features are included. Affise Reach doesn’t charge additional fees for setting up the platform or managing affiliate campaigns. It’s way easier to predict how much you’ll spend this month, and you can use savings to invest more in efficient channels, hire new staff, or test new markets.


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    No additional management fees per conversion

Another common practice that some networks utilize is to charge an additional network fee per conversion. This is on top of start-up costs, license costs, and traffic fees. The pricing structure can vary from network to network or region to region. 

Affise will never charge additional management fees on conversion.

As we are a technology company first, we give you all the tools to find new partners, easily manage, and optimize your campaigns. So you can use the amount you saved to create more appealing offers, attract more partners or simply pocket the savings.


Affise Reach may resemble an affiliate network or agency at first glance. However, the difference becomes apparent when you start digging into the details. Affise offers a technology-first solution for every brand or advertiser – even those with zero experience in partner marketing – to build an affiliate campaign from scratch. 

We provide access to the base of publishers, so you can pick the best partners for your business and build direct relationships with them. No middlemen on intermediaries to affect your choice of affiliates.

Affise Reach lets you get the full data ownership, so you can evaluate your partners’ or campaigns’ performance at any time and make data-driven decisions for your benefit. Finally, we offer a transparent and straightforward pricing structure with no hidden fees.

If you wish to expand your marketing strategy with partnerships, Affise Reach may be the best suitable solution to try this untapped opportunity. Tell us more about your business goals and challenges, and our experts will help you start with partnership marketing.

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