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News — 08 May 2023

Affise Highlights 2020

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Affise 2020: The Year Wrap Up

It was challenging, but we did it! In these last days of December 2020, we are more into opening ourselves up to the New Year with its new opportunities, rather than nagging about how complicated the year was. It’s obvious enough for all of us.

Right now, we want to look back and see how creative and diligent we were, recall all the hard-work and achievements that came along. It is precisely the attitude that we will carry along and multiply in the year 2021.

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Yulia Dobyshuk

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Content Manager

Yulia is a Content Marketer with a love to a great story and an eye to small details. Carrying a voice and delivering an accurate message - that’s what Yulia believes content marketing is for. Looking for thorough research and long-reads? You came to the right person. Her goal is to produce content that educates and entertains, and most importantly, has an impact. Challenges and something that is yet to be explored are her main motivators.

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