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Tips & Guides — 28 Jun 2022

Migrate Affiliate Program to Affise

Affiliate Program Migration: How to Migrate to Affise

In our previous article, we elaborated on the central points one needs to pay attention to when moving an affiliate program from a preceding affiliate platform or an in-house solution or to a new affiliate program management platform. 

The major reason businesses decide to switch a tech provider is an incompatibility of a present solution with the company’s business goals or the current stage of the business life cycle. 

User-friendly interface, detailed analytics, performance-based pricing, automation tools and responsive support service are among the main features companies are looking for when considering a new affiliate management platform.

Some companies that migrated to Affise say that the need for an intuitive and easy-to-understand platform interface was also among the reasons they started to research other options. But most importantly, dissatisfaction with statistics, reporting tools, and lack of transparency are the central issues. Business analytics can help companies skyrocket through expansion if it is a proper analytics tool with all needed data slices. Just like poor data analytics may lose you revenue and even customers.

If changing a platform  can have such an effect, why are some companies slow on this?

When a business moves its program to a new SaaS platform, it needs to take care of the whole data transfer process. Uncertainty about the transfer process used to be an issue that hindered many affiliate network managers and advertisers. However, with technologies advancing, data transfer is no longer a challenge. Now businesses can seamlessly transfer their data over a short period of time owing to automation tools and API integrations.

Migrating Affiliate Program To Affise In 5 Steps

On the Affise partner marketing platform example, we will showcase how easy it could be to migrate platforms. Obviously, requirements and platform capacity vary from service to service. Primarily, always contact the product representatives to clarify which “migration package” a company provides. Anyway, after examining the example of a migration process to Affise, you will have a much clearer idea of what a secure platform migration looks like.

But enough with this, let’s have a look at how you can migrate an affiliate program to a new platform.

1. Prepare your system

You start with setting up your account at Affse. You can easily add description information, set up a logo in the affiliate panel, transfer your custom domains, add your T&C, create registration rules for affiliates, add an admin panel for them, etc.

Today more than ever, we work in international teams with staff worldwide. For the teams’ convenience and smoother internal processes, you can set a preferable time zone for statistics checking. Even in the transition period, you can rest assured that all your data is safe and only certain approved members of your team can access it. For this, the platform allows you to manage access to specific data types.

2. Migrate offers

Migration of offers is an underlying cause for network managers’ and advertisers’ headaches and excuse to put back the whole platform migration idea. Is it, in fact, so intricate? It used to be. Luckily, the technologies are developing at breakneck speed, minimizing any disruptions. There is no reason to put this decision on the back burner, as in the end, moving to a new platform will take your business to a new qualitative mode.

For Affiliate Networks 

If you are an affiliate network that operates with a huge amount of offers, you are likely to be interested in the Affise synchronization tool CPAPI, which connects sources of offers with a recipient system and pulls any amount of offers into Affise almost in no time.

It is already integrated with hundreds of offer sources, which speeds up and eases the process. Owing to the API integration established between sources of offers and your system, CPAPI accesses raw data and imports it following the recipient system’s rules. Further, CPAPI also enables you to save time on all further updates. 

For Advertisers

For direct advertisers, we have an effortless way of adding offers. Owing to the Affise flexible settings, you can configure targeting groups, cap system, payouts settings, etc. The onboarding manager will explain the process and assist in setting up the first offers.

3. Migrate affiliates

Affiliate management is covered in a designated tab where a program owner can add new affiliates and fill in their profiles. But as you migrate from the other platform and have a long list of affiliates or advertisers, you would not want to do it manually. And there is no need to. 

Affiliates import tool

Affise is glad to provide a fast and easy option of importing affiliates and advertisers into the platform. For this purpose, we offer our import tool, which will allow you to upload a voluminous affiliates’ list in a few clicks.

At Affise, every client has a personal manager who will help prepare the affiliates’ file and add all important data into Affise. Further, to greet your affiliates at the new platform, we also offer some great options, such as sending a welcome email to new affiliates.

4. Create and test new links

Once the migration of offers and partners is completed, Affise suggests double-checking that all integrations with partners are properly conducted, clicks and conversions are generated, and the related conversions can be checked in the respective slice of statistics.

Integrations tests at Affise could be done either via the Affise testing tool or manually. The choice depends on your goals in performing tests, whether you need additional parameters in the postback link, and what is easier or faster. Affise onboarding managers provide support with any form of integration tests.

If you need to perform the test for the default goal/event value ‘1’ and don’t need any additional parameters, we suggest using a testing tool.

Should you need additional parameters in the postback link or decide to test an offer for a non-default goal value, then you need to conduct a manual test.

At this step, we probably shouldn’t burden you with a step-by-step guide on how to test S2S Integration with affiliates, but should you want to check it. You can find detailed instructions here.

5. Make a global announcement

You obviously start communicating with your partner about this big news at the stage when you firmly decide to move your program to another platform. You communicate with them before your launch date, on the launch date, and after it. 

When you are all set up, it’s time to break in big news that the process of platform migration was successfully completed. Within the Affise system, just in a couple of clicks, you can create a global announcement that will automatically appear in the affiliates’ panel.

How Zorka.Mobi migrated to Affise

We understand the concerns network managers have regarding the platform migration, but trust us, it can be a piece of cake. We know how to conduct a program migration with minimum disruption, or even with none at all. Check the video testimonial of Zorka.Mobi on switching to Affise.

What kind of support does Affise provide?

At Affise, there are two kinds of specialists to support users: dedicated account manager and tech support specialist. From the start of a 30-day trial period, every business receives a personal manager responsible for the onboarding process. Once the trial period is over, the company still has a dedicated manager to assist them. 

Do you want to hear more about how to migrate an affiliate program to Affise? Let us know by filling in this short Contact Form. And we will shortly get back to you to answer all your questions.

Written by Yulia Dobyshuk and Alexey Semennik

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