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How can direct advertisers kickstart their own affiliate program using Affise?


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Dating Partners is the one of the largest partner programs in a dating vertical. It occupies a leading position in the market of the CIS for the audience of people aged 30+.

The challenges

Dating Partners is an affiliate program of dating and social discovery sites. It helps publishers work with dozens of direct advertisers in the dating vertical across the globe. Now, Dating Partners is a huge market player with a total audience of over 20 million people.

To start such a program several years ago and lead it to the current state, Dating Partners’ founders needed a robust technology to manage all the processes. Partner marketing platform became the solution of choice to start the program. After testing several options, Dating Partners reached out to Affise.


Dating Partners’ choice fell on Affise, as the platform offered a robust set of tools for full-cycle campaign management. With its help, Dating Partners started running their first campaigns. Affise’s capacities allowed them to manage affiliates, analyze performance, optimize campaigns for a larger profit, and automate a considerable part of the workflow.

The main Affise’s advantage for aspiring partner program was an easy-to-use, responsive interface. Dating Partners liked the all-encompassing offers page, where affiliates can get a detailed overview of the current state of the offers.

The platform lets Dating Partners have a full view of everything on one page. Affiliates, offers’ statuses, privacy level, geo and smart targeting, CRs and caps, revenues and payouts, and other helpful information are gathered in an insightful dashboard.

As Dating Partners works in the dating vertical, several points are crucial for them:

  • Performance-based price model
    Dating Partners sought to work with CPA and have flexibility in considering actions as a conversion. With Affise, Dating Partners could pay for specific actions - email verifications, sign-ins, or paid memberships - unlike with other platforms charging for clicks.
  • Multiple landing pages management within one offer
    Affise allows Dating Partners to work with dozens of landing pages within one offer. Affiliates can choose where to send visitors if an ad campaign has several tracking links. The system distributes traffic between landing pages automatically according to payouts settings.
  • Performance comparison
    Customizable reports enable Dating Partners to analyze and compare the performance of multiple landing pages within one offer.
  • Detailed real-time statistics
    Affise analytics with 50+ data breakdowns provide Dating Partners with the full report containing all indicators of the campaigns' performance.


Affise helped Dating Partners optimize a huge part of the operational workflow and allowed them to concentrate on primary business tasks. Dating Partners underlines the quality of support they receive: everything is prompt and professional. The Affise team also understands the reasoning behind Dating Partners ad campaigns and is always eager to provide some business advice.

“Affise knows exactly what affiliate marketers require in their work, what can make them successful and what can optimize their working routine.”
The Dating Partners team

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