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Top Tips for Getting Started with Affiliate Email Marketing

There are 4.4 billion global internet users as of January 2020, and 3.9 billion of them are email users. Email marketing can provide a uniquely high return on investment of up to 4400 percent. In order to reach your target ROI, however, you’ll need to follow best practices based on the affiliate company and general email guidelines.

These best practices include tracking key performance metrics and using an email verifier. Along with some important tips, following these will help you implement effective marketing strategies.

Use Segmented Lists

It’s always good to have a long email list to target with affiliate content, but the more people you send an email to, the less targeted your audience becomes. As the size of your list increases, you’ll need to segment it based on various factors in order to direct your affiliate marketing efforts to the right people.

Your subscription and sign-up forms should give users the opportunity to select a variety of preferences, whether they’re related to products, content, or general interests. By targeting your emails to those with a potential interest in the subject, you’ll see an improvement in both opens and unsubscribe rates.

Utilize Drip Marketing

A drip marketing campaign involves sending a predetermined set of emails at given intervals set on a schedule. It’s fairly easy to implement in the majority of affiliate marketing programs. The right timing and messaging are vital, and drip campaigns bring in significantly higher open and click-through rates.

By combining drip marketing with the segmenting techniques mentioned above, you can match the right sequence of emails to the users most likely to be interested in them. When used together, these two strategies are more effective than either on its own when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Prioritize Engagement

Your main goal in affiliate email marketing should be to capture the attention of the reader, which means you have to stand out from a large crowd of email marketers. This can be improved by using more interactive and dynamic media. Think about focusing on video, which most affiliate marketers believe provides the highest ROI.

Engagement is likely to lead to interest, which is why you should have a call to action that makes it easy for the user to click through. Your CTA should be based on the desires of their segment, and promotional offers or discounts are easy ways to get them interested.

Creating a quick avenue for interested users to make a purchase will have a visible impact on your conversion rate and make affiliate marketing worth the cost.

Don’t Get Generic

Many sites use messaging predicated on a large list of contacts, but the problem with that approach is its tendency to lead to reduced open rates.

Consumers can quickly become accustomed to a specific type of messaging, leading it to no longer feel unique or interesting. That means they’re more likely to ignore your email, even if they’d be interested in the offer itself. Your affiliated content should range from entertainment to information to promotional offers.

Affiliate marketing has the potential to bring you an incredibly high ROI, but only when used effectively. These best practices are a great way to start improving your email marketing strategies so as to maximize engagement, conversion, and, eventually, your bottom line with an affiliate strategy.

This post was provided by a guest contributor.


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