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News — 25 Jul 2022

Affise wins the G2 Summer 2022 awards

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  • Affise wins the G2 Summer 2022 awards in affiliate and digital Marketing

Affise wins the G2 Summer 2022 awards in affiliate and digital Marketing

We’re proud to share that Affise continues to receive awards for our partnership marketing products. In the first half of 2022, we received multiple badges from G2, a tech marketplace that helps businesses find and review the right softwares and services. 

G2’s quarterly badges are based on authentic and validated reviews, which also take into account the recency of each review, the feedback given, and whether the reviewer is currently using the product or solution for their business. 

Leaders in affiliate marketing and digital analytics

G2’s leadership ratings are based on users who have shown significant satisfaction with the products or services, combined with market presence. Additionally, the Momentum leadership badge indicates a brand’s ranking within the top 25% of a product’s category.

Affise achieved multiple badges in the leadership and momentum categories:

  • Affiliate Marketing Momentum Leader
  • Affiliate Marketing Leader
  • Affiliate Marketing Small Business Leader
  • Digital Analytics Leader
  • Digital Analytics Small Business Leader
  • Digital Analytics Momentum Leader

Usability index awards in partner management

The recent launch of Affise Reach, the second product part of Affise’s all-in-one partnership ecosystem that helps brands easily connect with publishers, has also unlocked badges in a new category – Usability Index.

  • Mid-Market Partner Management – Easiest Admin
  • Mid-Market Partner Management – Best Meets Requirements

High performers in Asia, APAC, and India

The G2 High Performer badges also acknowledge regional presence and customer satisfaction to a specific location. We’re happy to share that our customers in Asia Pacific and India have rated us highly.

  • Digital Analytics High Performer – Asia
  • Digital Analytics High Performer – Asia Pacific
  • Digital Analytics High Performer – India

We asked Krish Kidao, Director of India and INSEA at Affise for his thoughts on the G2 awards and how we provide value to our customers. Krish said, “At Affise, it’s always been and continues to be an endeavor to be at the forefront of the rapidly changing technology landscape. Asia Pacific customers are highly data-driven and they’re constantly looking for detailed analytics and statistics that are easily accessible. The data should be quick to decipher: with 50+ data points, drill-down reports including comparison, retention rate, time to action, event based reporting, and more, we were able to offer data in real-time and drive accurate reporting. This helped majority of our clients in making faster and intelligent decisions.”

Our mid-market customers have also rated us well

Our products also performed well in the mid-market section for digital analytics, partner management, and affiliate marketing. See the photo below, which we’ve taken from

Our users love us too

We’ve additionally earned the “Users Love Us” badge, which is earned after a minimum of 20 reviews with at least 4.0 of 5.0 stars. We’ll let our customers speak for themselves – here are a few of our favorite reviews as seen on Affise’s G2 profile:

“Support and use”
“I like the way this platform works, the ns is easy to use and the support team is fast and very enthusiastic.”

“Why we should use Affise”
“Simple UI/UX, easy reporting with quick issue resolution.”

“Affise aspires to reach much more”
“It seems that Affise was created to inspire and make others aim higher. All the features and tools that Affise has are waiting to be used. Analytics panel is very convenient in its possibility of customizing it any way that you can only imagine! In addition to the great technical part, Affise has a great support that is ready to answer any questions 24/7: even when I call them at late night (or early morning) they help me out with the highest level of expertise and politeness. What makes Affise perfect is its flexible and profitable commitment terms and features for growth. With Affise we know that we can not only aim higher, but also achieve our aims and even overdo them.”

“The best tool for affiliate marketing”
Affise is a user-friendly tool and easy to use and track. Variety of features and options are available that help in overall business growth.Simplicity, functional, wide range of API integrations

We’re building a partner marketing ecosystem

At Affise, we strive to create the best solutions for all things partner marketing. We’re committed to designing an ecosystem that empowers agencies, networks, and brands to sustainably grow through partnerships and affiliate programs. Apart from our products and platforms, we also focus on delivering great customer experiences. If you’re curious to learn more about how Affise can help you grow your business through partner marketing, get in touch with us.

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