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Case Study Kismia

Kismia is the world's largest dating site. It occupies a leading position in the markets of the CIS, Latam, Russia and France.

Kismia has been on the market for more than six years. During this time, more than 20 million users from all over the world have registered there. Kismia's staff equals to 60 employees and continues to grow.

The challenges

As any online/website business Kismia aimed at increasing the number of users visiting and registering at their website. Two years ago when Kismia did not yet have an affiliate program, the traffic that they were receiving was only from the media buying department. It was quite expensive and further required a lot of time before it paid off.

With ambitious goals to acquire more traffic while paying less, Kismia started to think about creating their own affiliate program. The first milestone they encountered was choosing software to run CPA campaigns.


After a certain comparison, Kismia choice fell on Affise, as the platform offers all the tools for full-cycle campaigns management. With its help, Kismia was able to start running their first campaigns, manage affiliates, analyze the performance, optimize the campaign settings for achieving bigger profit and to automate a huge part of the workflow.

The feature that Kismia especially liked and in which all competitors stepped aside was easy-to-use, responsive interface. Kismia liked the all-encompassing offers page, where Affiliates can get a detailed overview of the current state of the offers. Everything is here within one page: affiliates, offers' status, privacy level, geo and smart targeting, CRs and caps, revenues and payouts, and other useful information can be viewed here.

As Kismia works in dating vertical, there are several points that are crucial for them:

  • Performance-based price model
    Kismia sought to work with CPA, and be flexible which action to consider as a conversion: email verification, sign-in, paid membership. With Affise performance-based model Kismia has this flexibility and pays only for conversion unlike at other platforms that charge for clicks.
  • Multiple landing pages management within one offer
    Within one offer Kismia can manage several destination pages where visitors land after redirection from affiliates’ sites. So if an ad campaign has more than one tracking link, affiliates can choose which pages to send traffic too. Alternately the system can distribute traffic between landings automatically tied to payouts settings. And at Affise for this Kismia doesn't need separate pages.
  • Performance comparison
    Statistics report enables you from the landing page perspective to analyze and compare the performance of multiple landing pages within one offer
  • Detailed real-time statistics
    Affise analytics with 50+ data breakdowns provide Kismia with the full report containing all indicators of the campaigns' performance.


In 2017 Kismia launched their own affiliate program on Affise. Spendings on media-buying and affiliate program being equal, affiliates drive 3 times more traffic than in-house media-buying. At present on average Kismia receives 2,5 million users from affiliate traffic every month.

Affise helped Kismia to optimize a huge part of the operational workflow, which allowed them to concentrate on primary business tasks. Kismia underlines the quality of support that they receive: everything is prompt and professional. Affise team also understands the reasoning behind Kismia ad campaigns and always eager to provide some business advice.

“Affise knows exactly what affiliate marketers require in their work, what can make them successful and what can optimize their working routine. The guys have room to grow, and everything will turn out for them!”.
Case Study Kismia
Pavlo Rozputnij Head of Affiliate Marketing, Kismia

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