Affise Features

Offer Caps & Special Caps

Easily set click and conversion caps on offers and affiliates according to conversion quantity and budget.

Smart Caps

Unique feature that increases your revenue up to 10-15% instantly by smart caps management between your affiliate.

Offer Access Control

You can manually approve and authorize access to offers. Three access modes are available: Public, Private and Requires Approval.

Advanced TrafficBack

Save your money and use 100% of your traffic. You can set up traffic back for every offer or use global one with custom rules.

Carriers/ISP and device tracking

Target any device, ISP carrier, operating system or browser in real-time by leveraging a massive and continually-updated mobile device database.

Custom domains tracking

Use multiple domains for tracking links. You can select it for each offer.

Pixel and Postback Control

Simplify workflow by allowing administrators and affiliates to control postback and pixels within virtually any network or platform in real-time.

Complete API Support

Give your affiliates and advertisers the power to automate their own workflow through their own API.

Custom Report Calculations

Create custom calculations on each report and share via Custom Reporting Views instead of just exporting your reports to Excel.


Secure data with customizable security settings - from simple password authentication to banking-level multi-factor authentication.

Easy Management

Smart offer and caps management system, support ticket system and affiliate tagging helps you to manage your network with one tool.

Landings Support

Affise allows you to use as many custom landing pages for every offer as you need. Easy to add and to manage.

Custom Targeting Rules

The only simple way for your affiliates to use your links in ad networks with strick moderation (FB, MT, Google).

Referral Rewards

Everything is customized: timeframes, amounts and payment models, including profit shares, revenue percentages or a simple flat fee.

Account Control

Customize user and department permissions as well as role access controls for each individual accessing the platform.

Audit History

Track all changes made by your internal team or affiliates, to help identify who made changes and understand why changes were made.


Brand your network's interface through multilevel customization.

Static Pages

Create additional static pages or menu items for affiliate interface. This pages is hosted by us.

Deep Targeting

Target campaigns by language and location, including particular states, cities and even zip codes, through the geo-targeting databases.

Event Tracking and Custom Goals

Go beyond single revenue-generating conversions and see what events are really driving conversions. Set up custom goals.

Multiple Price Model

We support multiple pricing models with multiply currencies. CPA, CPS, CPC, RevSharee or mix models (CPA+Revshare and so on).

Affiliate Control

You can divide your affiliates to several groups with custom rights. Also you can tag your affiliates.

Top Partners Page

See who increased traffic or left just in one common report.

News and Tickets for Affiliate

Contact you affiliates easily by adding news and Using built in ticket system. No affiliates requests will be lost.

Billing for Affiliates

We support auto-generation, batch-generation, and manual invoices creation. We also allow you to edit, check, adjust billings and download PDF reports.

Publisher portal

Allows you to open registration and management functions for publishers, as well as award referrer commissions.

Publisher and Advertiser Billing

Publisher Billing Allows you to perform settlements and manage publisher & advertiser billings.

Superior Support

Get industry-leading support; 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Flexible and Customizable

Take advantage of years of customer-driven software development that has led to a flexible and customizable solution.

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