Affise is the performance marketing software solution that puts you in control. Multiple your ROI due to the best tech solutions and not paying for clicks. Creatives and conversions, affiliates and payments, everything is right where you need it, easy to manage and analyze.

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Affise Key Features

No charge for clicks

Save up to 90% of your costs as we do not charge for clicks! Be free to use low conversion traffic sources.

Pro Network management

Advanced Affiliate and Team management system and unique tech solution: Smart Caps, Bids, deep Targeting and more! Managing your network was never so easy.

Feature-rich API

For seamless integration with your custom solutions. We also provide a managed API integration service.

Plus, features you literally won’t see anywhere else

Best In Class Fraud Protection

Forget about Fraud due to Forensiq - leading ad fraud detection and prevention company. Score your traffic in real-time and provide your advertisers as qualified traffic as you need.

Unique automation tools

Create automated triggers that take the human factor out of the equation and maximize your KPI. For example, automate your bidding strategy based on Retention Rate for each affiliate.

Publishers and Media buyers management

Manage your affiliates the most simple way. Divide them into several groups with custom rights. Tag them. Use tickets, automated billing system, news and more.

Smart Targeting

Maximize your ROI due to Smart target 15+ data points (by GEO, country, city, ISP, carrier, os version, device type). Target campaigns by device, ISP carrier, operating system or browser, language, location, including cities and even zip codes, through the geo-targeting databases.

Multiple Price, Multy currency and payout

Set price for each payouts by CPC, CPM, RevShare or combine these options. Use as many currencies as you need.

Smart Caps and advanced traffic back

Unique feature that increases your revenue up to 10-15% instantly by smart caps management between your publishers and media buyers. Set up traffic back for every offer or use global one with custom rules. Don’t lose traffic anymore.

Reinvented real-time statistics

Real-time statistics with over 49 slices gives you the data you can trust. Create custom calculations on each report and share via Custom Reporting Views instead of just exporting your reports to Excel.

Internal team management

Customize user and department permissions as well as role access controls for each individual accessing the platform. Track all changes made by your team and easily understand why changes were made.

Fast & Easy Set up

You need 55 seconds only to get our own affiliate network with 99.99% uptime and fast scaling for your Big Data solutions! Your dedicated tech support will help you to set up Affise and add offers

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Happy Customers

Over 100+ companies using Affise for driving their business forward with conversion-based costs instead of paying for clicks.
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TargetSummit 2017

On March 29, the 5th International conference on mobile marketing TargetSummit will take place in Moscow. More than 600 participants and 30 speakers from all over the world will gather together in the Digital October to exchange their experience in mobile marketing of apps and games.

Moscow Affiliate Conference

The project began in Moscow and later launched in Berlin with a goal to further expand to other international cities. Our experienced team is passionate about mobile marketing, advertising, analytics and app development. the future is mobile and we want to inspire the growth of new technologies by connecting industry professionals.

Affiliate World Europe

Affiliate World is the event to attend if you want to meet and learn from the sharpest most innovative minds reshaping affiliate and digital marketing niches. AWE will gather the elite of the industry and become a place to learn from market leaders and network with the best minds around like the experts from companies like Facebook, Google, Teespring.

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